[0.11.0] Dual wand Physical crit+AS+CI Witch (Video included)


I play POE since few months, i started the open beta with a ranger elem but finally i decided to make a build a little more original, fun and viable with a witch doing physical damage! If you like attack speed, critical, chaos innoculation and power siphon this build is for you! I am currently lvl76 with 3.30 Attack Speed, 57% crit chance, 525% crit damage, 10k mono, 4K dps multi with chain, 3.7K ES and +70% all resi.

Main features
Use double wand for attack speed, power siphon main attack, chaos inoculation for blood rage and a lot of energy shield for tanking! Despite the big attack speed, mana is not a problem because i have big pool with passive skill point, good regen with high lvl clarity and 2 mana potions (1 recharge per critical strike its amazing!).

Gameplay Video
Map video! 0.10.1
First sorry for the quality its freezing sometimes my computer is a bit old... i try to do best quality if i can next time. I do a lot more damage since 0.10.3 (7k-->10k) and i have more energy shield...
The map was +45% pack size and boss deal more damage and have more attack speed.
See my stuff for that video below :

lvl74, 3.5 AS!, 3.27k ES, 3k dps multi(with chain), 7.4k dps mono, 70%+ all resi.

25 points
Rush physical damage with wands, mana regen and a bit of crit :

44 points
Then take the dext for the accuracy, plenty of attack speed, energy shield and resi :

Get a lot of shields, resi and mana to prepare chaos innoculation just after those points:

88 points
Accuracy chaos inno and ES after, ghost reaver and some projectiles damages! The basic build is achieved with all the important points you should be lvl65 at this stage :

94 points
Refund 2 mana points because at this stage with better stuff you dont need them anymore! Take static blows, fusillade and +30 strengh for up aura/reduced mana:

106 points
Add energy shield then some crit multiplier:

Full build
Add static blows for more shock chance/duration,gemini, attack speed, breath of rime and bloodthirst :

For single target using power siphon or frenzy (at low lvl) coupled with faster attack, crit strike and Increase damage.
Multi target using power siphon with LMP/GMP, Increase critical damage and faster attack or chain (both if you have 5 slot),
Auras: clarity, discipline, anger and wrath.
For curse i prefer using projectile weaknes rather than critical weakness that brings damage, knockback and pierce wich is very useful!
Blood rage once you have acquired chaos inoculation.
Spell totem with Summon Skeletons, faster casting and minion life, very awesome for tanking!

For equipment take wands with physical damage added, accuracy, energy shield, resi,added physical damage and attack speed.

My gear lvl65


The belt was for my facebreaker maraudeur, i like using it with my witch too but prefered one with a lot of energy shield and resi.

Statistics lvl65



Those screenshots are with all charges of course ;)


Cheap/not bad
Moonsorrow, good physical damage and chance to blind (with a lot of attack speed).
Ondar, 20% attack speed, lighting damage, accuracy and very very cheap...

Stun is annoying with CI, and you gain a lot of rarity! But you lost tons of dps...


Attack speed, crit damage/chance and dext! just perfect!

Normal mode skill points, +12% physical damage in cruel and power charge in merciless.

Dont get discouraged if you dont have a huge dps up before high lvl especially if you cannot find a wand with a lot of physical damage, but it's worth it after ;).
Feel free to ask questions or suggestions!

PS: Sorry for my english its not my native language
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Hey man, i was just cruising around looking for something like this. Looks quite fun. Ill have a go at it. Would you mind linking your current gear setup thought ?
I really wanna see a vid, on a map run.

you should post a picture of your DPS/life/hp/resist or at least mention them, and link your gear so people see what's needed to get those stats

i have a hard time believing you don't run out of mana, if every attack does 4000 damage and you get 80 mana back that's like -80mana of the attack cost but does it work like that?
Hey guys,
Thx for your posts, i'll add tonight all my stuff and some screenshots you requested ;)

For mana i have a big mana pool with clarity high lvl, some passive points and i have 2 mana potions (with 1 recharge per critical strike its amazing!). Maybe my first post is not very obvious about that, i'll editing.
As promised i have edited my first post with some screenshots statistics and my current gear!
one thing - you ignored the shadow's 8% projectile damage nodes, they're 100% guaranteed better than those low crit nodes in the middle of the tree, you really should take those and i'd remove all those 15% crit nodes and get something else, you an actually get the ranger's 15% and 2 8%s (though 6 points will go in crap +10 stats... still better than those crit nodes probably :P )
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Interesting Build. Was also thinking about something like this, too bad there are no dual wand passives .
IGN Alienheart
having just found a moonsorrow today i have been looking for builds that utilize it and am happy to have found this one. please upload a video with this build if you have time =)
How do you survive range attacks, flicker strike or mobs with increase move speed without armor? That was my problem with my first witch lol

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