Skill Reveal - Summon Stone Golem

The Golem skills have been popular companions for exiles across Wraeclast since their introduction, and another will be available with the release of the Ascendancy expansion. Summon Stone Golem will provide you with an earthen protector that restores your life and draws the attention of your enemies.

The Stone Golem is the toughest of all golems, and has a skillset that makes use of his defences. It can strike the ground with a massive slam, damaging and taunting all enemies struck. To get into the thick of combat it'll roll forward, damaging enemies it passes through. While you've got the Stone Golem summoned, it'll also grant you life regeneration.

This Golem is great for both drawing fire away from a Melee character in the thick of combat, and keeping enemies at distance from an archer or spellcaster.

Here is a video of the Golem using his skills to protect his owner:

Balance & Design
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Why not a lightning golem? Like the other elements?
IGN: Narbays
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Sounds tanky?! Yet another thing to look forward to in ascendancy :D
Sweet ! Thanks for the update.
I'm hoping this new Golem can add decent survivability to some of my builds.

Now can we have a Notable or a Keystone passive (or a unique item) which will let us summon two golems at a time ?

narbays wrote:
Why not a lightning golem? Like the other elements?

Indeed, I would definitely be interested in seeing what kind of Lightning Golem GGG could come up with.
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Look awesome!
Another Line of Defense for Ranged?
Trading DpS with Monsters for Loot will ever best Ratio!-)
Sitting in Town, flipping Items until all Gear is biS,
and get fastly bored from running Maps instead of grinding Upgrades is no Resolution!
narbays wrote:
Why not a lightning golem? Like the other elements?

bruh have you even tried to summon a golem made of lightning

it's way harder than the other elements
Ascendancy seems to be adding up alot of survivability :p

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