Blade Vortex

BV will be getting a handful of interesting changes in Incursion league. Incase anyone missed the reveal of Vaal Blade Vortex (which sounds pretty cool, sentient vortex) here are the changes:

Max number of blades reduced to 10
More multipler per blade raised from 30% to 35%
More multipler per blade for ailments removed
Hit rate increase per blade raised from 10% to 35%
-New functionality added- Gain 10% Increased Critical Strike Chance per blade

The multiplier removal from ailments is probably going to be related to the revamp DOTs are getting this coming patch cycle, so that isn't too worrying. The real interesting bits are the lowering of the blade count but in exchange for a much better hit rate than current version along with a slight multiplier buff and the addition of crit chance ramping.

The lowered count also means that Spell Echo will be far less common of a need and opens up another link for non-cast speed stacking builds.
I just hope, that when the world comes to an end, I can breathe a sigh of relief; because there will be so much to look forward to.
Do you guys think, that there will be enough room to add some another action to BV playstyle?

Even with current BV, to maintain max stacks, it is usual to rely on leech and just facetank anything and investing into duration just barely to keep the 20 stacks.

Now with half that,considering speed could be pushed to something like 0.2 cps, so having max stacks in 2 seconds. Having 5 seconds of idle actions, i wonder what would be used as time filler now for Blade vortexing
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Hey GGG, with the revamp on many skills and its looks, please do not make the Blade Vortex look bad, on the contrary, go back to what was, which was truly a vortex of blades that frightened.

Look how it was before with 50 stacks, very cool visual:

Look how you're going to get 10 stacks, visually horrible:

I have a solution for this without having to deal with anything in the new mechanics made so far that will be implemented in the next patch 3.3.0.

Just do that every time you cast BV, instead of 1 blade appear, 5 blades would appear. Each cast would be a layer/stack/group of 5 blades that jointly hit the enemy. Each subsequent layer (up to a maximum of 10) adds 5 more blades up to a maximum of 10 layers (with a maximum of 50 blades at a time).

This would ignore the frequency of each blade individually, taking into account each layer of blades (with 5 blades).

I think in terms of performance would not affect almost anything, the Blade Vortex problem in the past was the ability of 50 Blades to cause 100 hits per second.


This last request is just a plus, rather than the new frequency being released in the 3.3.0 patch of up to 7.5 hits per second, puts the value of 10, what's the problem? :)
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