2.1.0 Content Update and Talisman League Deployment Timeline!

gore armor tomorrow then? wtb time machine
That vanishing dye is awesome. I recently made a char to look like he was in a1n using skin transfers and things like strapped leather boots and the driftwood tower shield, but having a completely naked character will be sick.
you always start leagues when I'm out partying...
well... hangover gaming tomorrow it is...
Hey, hey! It's the Postal Dude! Get him!
"The Blood Dance now only gives 0.5% Life Regeneration per Frenzy Charge instead of 1%. Old copies of this unique item are unaffected."

GGG You know nothing about balance and really You want to lose thousands of players cause of that policy of pernament trash-bin leagues full of legacy sh1ts

World of Warcraft has a quick "Show Helm" button for you to toggle on and off. Since we've already paid for the helm/head effect, why should we have to pay for vanishing dye?

My thoughts exactly. I've been asking for a toggle for helmets for years.
Ascension tied to Lab is the worst thing GGG has done...apart from GGG's philosophy on Trading. Oh and Gambling Loot boxes. And selling out to tencent.

I used to love GGG. I supported to ensure GGG remained independent, now I just wish I could get my money back. -_-
Wooser69 wrote:
Ziggurat looks like my damned dick.

you should show that to a doctor, couse that s messed up
Playing marauder @ Hardcore leagues

How about the ability to use totem skins on ALL totems? Or at least on shockwave totem. Please!

This +1

Also, hype!
Gravity is just a prejudice. A part of Earth's jurisdiction. As an apache helicopter, I find that very opressive.
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so what about DARKSHRINES themselves being implemented into Standard? usually you explicitely announced whether content from leagues was transferred. wayyyy more important that some uncreative TEMPORARY "hey look there's a new buff on monsters, bet you can't remember when we did that last"-league

gimme those darkshrines cause that concept was pretty good! those could be the new strongboxes, and everybody loves those!
since I have no hope for significant game design improvements in this game I am officially done with Path of Exile. done for good
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ziggurat straight outta WC3 undead towers

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