[Lighty] 250 Member Homeless Shelter ☼ Recruiting Active Players

Id like to join! I've been looking for an active guild for a while now.
I would like to join and my IGN is: ThaFiveSix
Id like to join! I've been looking for an active guild for a while now. I play only on SC League's.
IGN: StabbyStabbyManIsStabby
Although my name is stabby I use axes and lacerate atm. I'm decently new only playing for like 110hours and only from breach league. I'm about to do maps for the first time and my friend said to join this guild because he's in it (Ryuu_EQSenpai). Yea hopefully you'll accept me.
Pls reinv me, i used to play in this guild a few leagues ago!! :D

LOL got one already :D
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I would like to join your guild . I am a bit new in game but i like to play with others people !!!
Are you actually mocking homeless people?

Pathetic. I challenge you take 5 minutes of the time you invest in gaming and just think about what would be like to not have anywhere to go tonight. Gaming rofl, you dont even have a damn bed to look forward to. Slaying monsters? No you are worried that the other homeless people who are addicted to drugs are going to steal what little you have as soon as they get the chance, because they probably will.

Are you that spoiled and ignorant to mock people that are suffering? If you are children, it is forgivable, but if you are adults I think you need re-evaluate how you view people who are suffering. Never mock someone in need, someday it will be you... without a doubt all of us will be in need someday. Whether it be sickness, homelessness, loss of job, loss of loved one...

DONT MOCK, Please help.

If for some reason I am totally wrong about the intent of your "homeless shelter" joke, I apologize. I am not even an advocate for homeless people personally, I share with them sometimes, I dont have much personally. BUT seeing people mock others who are in need, that just shows your ignorance and that you probably need to just learn to think differently, I know you can.

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