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1. How long have you been playing POE?
Been playing path of exile for 2 years now, got into hardcore this past year and loving it.

2. What leagues do you play, and what is the highest level you have achieved in a hardcore league?
Currently on tempest, ripped two 88's and 1 85. I managed to kill atziri though a bunch of times before my rips, my first atziri hardcore kill hence the rips for practice lol otherwise map wise is not a problem.

3. Where are you from? What server do you play on? Are you willing to run with us on USA/EU servers?
From Chicago, play on Washington DC server. I am willing to run EU if needed

4. How often do you play/ what time of day are you usually online?
I play very often 6-8 hrs a day, usually from afternoon to night (central time)

5. Do you play everyday? Do you frequently travel or go on vacations? Will you be able to notify me ahead of time if you will be offline for a week or more?
I play every day yes, no vacations planned and I do not travel very often. If I plan to take a leave of absence, then yes I will notify you.

**Was talking to JVskelebro about the guild, he mentioned you guys use TeamSpeak which is awesome; however at the moment my computer sound isn't working. When it’s fixed I will be on TeamSpeak. I am 26 years old if that matters.

IGN : ShitFunChew
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Thanks Cybran!
Bump. New changes to leadership.
Currently on break until start of new hardcore 1 month.

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