0.10.1 Patch Notes

srnkrkgrd wrote:
If you think you can conclude anything from 8 posts other than I'm rather new on the forum, then I'm pretty amazed. Especially because all but two of the post is in this thread, where I started out with a very positive and constructive cheering. And of the two posts admittedly one is a kind free bump and a reference on the sale bumping rules to a person that was overbumping a sale thread, but the other was again a cheerful construtive post.

I made no conclusions, nor did I claim that I made any conclusions. Reading is fundamental.

My OP also never claimed the artwork changes were perfect and an ultimate solution, btw; only that it takes a little while for people to become familiar with symbols at a glance. Not my problem if you thought it was too sarcastic. Oh hey look, I did end up explaining myself again. It's like I actually care about this game and browse the forums all the time or something.

Feel free to add whatever final comments you'd like in response and we can consider this matter closed, before people start throwing stuff at us.
The artwork for the Spell Totem Gem is very phallic. You should reconsider.
Tried the new Temple map today and got absolutely destroyed by the boss. I used all my 6 portals trying to kill her, even tried using a topaz flask for 93% lightning res, it didnt help. In the end I had to give up :(
Is she supposed to be that insanely strong, that she kills me in no time with 93% lightning res?
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I have to say, I really like this update. I'm still a little nublet as far as the game goes, but I think the fact that you guys are working on aesthetics and sound just as much as the general gameplay is very reassuring to me. Especially the gem art changes. A lot of people are complaining, but if you're good at catching little nuances in all the designs, it's easy to tell which gem is what. (for example, fireball is a coiled around band with a ball at the end, firestorm looks basically like a branching version of this, cold snap is one large snow flake pattern, etc).

Also, I have to ask, are pitch changes applied to music too? I don't know if I'm crazy, but Lioneye's music sounds different to me on occasion, and it really captivates me more than it used to (that is to say, it sounds a lot better to me)
as another colorblind player, i too find the new gem art to be very problematic.

previously i was able to discern between the green and red gems, because there was a large enough swath of uninterrupted color; with this new artwork overlayed, some have become impossible to distinguish without doing a simulated placing in a socket to see which colored socket remains unghosted; the problem with this technique is that unless a red and green socket are both on the same item, i can not positively identify the socket's color (the red color appears to have a darker hue when i view them, but if they are not in close proximity, it is hard to make this comparison).

i think the new artwork is cool, unfortunately it just adds a layer of difficulty to my game.

as an example: when mousing-over a support gem, it says right in its description that it is a support gem; but no amount of mousing will tell me if i'm hovering over a red or green gem.
i love how this game improves every patch!i hope this game receive awards this 2013.more power to you ggg!
Completed 22 ChallengesAntigegner wrote:
My suggestion for the gem-problem:

a) Make the gems much bigger (almost filling out the entire little stash square they occupy) and use the picture from the skill icon that is bound to the mouse-key inside the gem because it's easier to SEE (instead of hovering over the gem) what gem it is and IF it is the wanted gem. The current design is awesome but not so much more helpful or convenient or practical.

b) Furthermore it would be cool if the gems (as "srnkrkgrd" suggested) could have different glows indicating their quality level. Example: very light red for 0%-5% and very dark and full red for 15%-20%. The colors should only change for steps of 5%, not every single 1%.

c) skill gems: SQUARE /// support gems: ROUND or DIAMOND

d) now the hardest part, but would be cool: if under the pictures (but still inside the gem) you could list additional info like:
- AoE (area of effect)
- Atk (attack)
- Proj (projectile)
- Mel (melee)
- Spl (spell)
- Ice (ice)
- Fre (fire)
- Cha (chaos)
........etc......but that would prolly be too difficult - though very, very useful/helpful, not just "nice" like the current, new design.

The faster I can find and sort them by just looking at them (without hovering over them) the better!

@srnkrkgrd: I already posted this on page 29. I am with u ;-)
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Although I really love the new gem art, I'm finding it a bit hard to separate support gems from regular gems despite the gold around them..

So I was thinking maybe you could change the shades of the colors a bit? Maybe make the support gems darker and the skill gems lighter?
mostly harmless
Devs dont change the art of gems!! Whinners want to recognise gems instantly(thats impossible) They will get used to it in no time(it wont take even a week!!)
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Completed 29 Challengeswebas wrote:
Devs dont change the art of gems!! Whinners want to recognise gems instantly(thats impossible) They will get used to it in no time(it wont take even a week!!)

lol, just don't try to make anything better in the game GGG, this guy can get used to everything :-)
“Human decency is not derived from religion. It precedes it.”
― Christopher Hitchens

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