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There is a new thread being maintained by ignarsoll.

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If you'd like to contribute to the list, please post your uniques without any gems socketed as this makes mousing over the items simpler and less cluttered. To post items, simply click on your character portrait at the top of the web page and an inventory screen will pop open. Select the appropriate character or stash that holds the item you want to link and then left-click on the item. Voila!

This information is also available at the Path Of Exile Wiki.
For just a list of every item, visit the Full Unique Index.

For more information on the purpose and design of unique items, check out the Dev Diary!

**New Release Uniques 0.11.2**




-- Standard & Hardcore Only --

-- Anarchy Only --

-- Onslaught Only --

-- Anarchy & Onslaught Only --

-- Closed Beta Event Prize Only --

-- Alternate Artwork --

-- Standard & Hardcore Only --

-- Anarchy Only --

-- Onslaught Only --

-- Anarchy & Onslaught --

-- Alternate Artwork --

Body Armour

-- Standard & Hardcore Only --

-- Alternate Artwork --


-- Open Beta Event Prize --

-- Alternate Artwork --

-- Alternate Artwork --

-- Open Beta Event Prize Only --

-- Alternate Artwork --

-- Alternate Artwork --

-- One Handed --

-- Two Handed --

-- Alternate Artwork --
-- One Handed --

-- Two Handed --
-- One Handed --

-- Two Handed --

-- Alternate Artwork --

Other Items

Race Season 1
This list is also available on the wiki: Season One

Race Season 2
This list is also available on the wiki: Season Two

Race Season 3
This list is also available on the wiki: Season Three

Legacy Items
Legacy items are old versions of items that have undergone changes by GGG. These versions of the items are no longer able to drop nor can they be acquired by using an Orb of Chance. These versions, if they still exist, can only be obtained through trades with other players.
Unique items that are not 'Unique'
This section contains items that are special but NOT considered Unique Items.

-- Portal --

The Portal Skill Gem is, so far, the only white gem in the game. It can be placed in any gem socket in any item and it is the only gem that does not gain experience, forever remaining at Level 1. Portal is only obtainable as a world drop.

-- ilvl 100 --

These ilvl 100 items feature special artwork and are only obtainable as Race Season prizes for reaching certain RP thresholds.


Obtaining a Unique Item

  • World Drops - Unique items can be found as random drops from monsters and breakables just the same as any other item. Normal monsters drop items with an /itemlevel equal to the zone level, Magic monsters drop items with /itemlevel at zone level +1, Rare/Unique monsters drop items with /itemlevel at zone level +2.
    For example: If a unique item requires lvl 50 to equip that means it can be dropped by all monsters in lvl 50 zones or higher, dropped by Magic monsters and above in lvl 49 zones, and dropped by Rare or Unique monsters in lvl 48 zones.
  • Drop Rate - The actual drop rates of unique items are unknown to us. The only info we have to go on is:
Chris wrote:
Stratified the drop rates of Unique items so that some of them are more common (especially build-enabling ones), and powerful ones are still extremely rare.

The drop rates of Unique items are no longer proportional to their item type. A common Unique ring is now as likely to drop as a common Unique weapon.

  • Orb of Chance - There is a very small chance of upgrading a Normal item into a unique of the same base type when using an Orb of Chance. For example if you want the Andvarius unique ring then you should use an Orb of Chance on a Gold Ring of Normal rarity. Exact success rates for Orbs of Chance are unknown.
  • Event Prizes - Occasionally, unique items are offered as top tier prizes in special Event Competitions. Please note that not all events offer unique items as prizes.


Vendor Recipes

All currently known Vendor Recipes pertaining to unique items.

  • Orb of Chance
    Recipe: 1 Normal, 1 Magic, 1 Rare and 1 Unique of same base type.
    Reward: 5 Orbs of Chance (Same reward if all items are unidentified)

For more Vendor Recipes, please visit radiatoren's The Exiled Sale Recipe Book (spoilers) thread.


Extra Notes

  • A unique item, easily spotted by its Orange Text and orange banner, is one that always spawns with the same mods(sometimes with different values) on the same base item with the same requirements.
  • Unique items may have their mod values rerolled using Blessed or Divine Orbs. Some mods, however, have static values and cannot be changed.
  • Orbs of Scouring & Mirrors of Kalandra CANNOT be used on unique items.
  • Possessing a Keystone passive and equipping a unique item which grants the same Keystone ability will NOT double the effects of the ability - i.e. the effects do not stack. For example, if you have character that has activated the 'Acrobatics' Keystone and is also equipped with the Hyrri's Ire unique armor, that character will have just 20% Dodge and not 40%. Similarly, if you equip an item that has the mod 'Blood Magic' but you already have the 'Blood Magic' Keystone, the effects of the item mod will be wasted.
  • Demigod's Presence, a Closed Beta exclusive item, can no longer be obtained as an event reward.
  • The Item Level of the unique affects how many sockets can appear on it. While the stats may be the same a unique with a high Item Level may have a higher selling price when trading with other players
  • "Gems in this item are Supported by level X [gem]" means they are supported by a Support Gem of level X. That gem (probably) has a mana multiplier, which is applied. "Gems in this item have [property]" is not using a specific support gem, so no there is no mana multiplier.
  • Some items have alternate versions, these versions cannot be found as world drops. They are obtained as prizes during Race Seasons and are tradeable.
  • Items that are categorized with 'Anarchy' and/or 'Onslaught' can only be found in those particular leagues. Eventually these items can be traded for in other leagues but they cannot be found as world drops.
  • All items can eventually find their way into every league. The only exceptions are Anarchy only items which can never be found in Onslaught nor Hardcore and Onslaught only items which can never be found in Anarchy. Additionally, Standard and Hardocore only items cannot be found in Anarchy nor Onslaught.


Custom Uniques

Custom uniques are unique items specially crafted my members of our very own Path of Exile Community. These members were awarded the chance to create their one-of-a-kind items as a special thanks from GGG for purchasing either a Diamond Supporter Package during the Closed Beta phase of Path of Exile, an Eternal Supporter Package during Open Beta or simply the Custom Unique option in the Microtransaction shop. Here before you is a list of all current in-game custom uniques and their creators. The amount of Diamond, Eternal and Custom Item packages sold is well over 250 so you can expect this list to grow substantially in the future unless, of course, some people prefer to remain anonymous.

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whats culling strike? Nice find!!
Chris wrote:
Added the "Culling Strike" mod (for some uniques). It causes monsters to die if you strike them down to 10% or less life.

It's pretty awesome. Works on Rare monsters even. Surprised me at first, I didnt know why things were just spontaneously combusting.
I like the look of that axe a lot.
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SpudOfDoom wrote:
I like the look of that axe a lot.

It does look pretty awesome. Best of all it isn't ten feet tall and look like some five year old drew it.
Forum Sheriff

i found this amulet at lvl 10 or so
i was so happy since i haven't dropped 1 with my chars before the patch 9.3 even thouhg i had 2 30+ and 1 50+ char
but i really like this axe
bt i dont get this Culling strike
"Culling strike" ?
More like "KillSteal Strike" lmao
I have a feeling it would be awful partying with someone that has that axe as they'd get almost all the killing blows and you'd be left starved for flask charges.
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taekvideo wrote:
"Culling strike" ?
More like "KillSteal Strike" lmao
I have a feeling it would be awful partying with someone that has that axe as they'd get almost all the killing blows and you'd be left starved for flask charges.

That's interesting. I solo for the most part, I didnt really think of the skill that way. I will say, though, it doesnt seem to proc all the time so I think that kind of solves the problem.
Do want axe.... :D
Xtrem wrote:

O.O 100% acc O.O
my beta key thanks to Fansadox

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