Path of Exile: 2014 Retrospective

In 2014:
  • We released two expansions - Sacrifice of the Vaal and Forsaken Masters and six new challenge leagues - Ambush, Invasion, Rampage, Beyond, Torment and Bloodlines.
  • We launched Path of Exile in Taiwan, in cooperation with Garena. It reached crazy levels of popularity over there!
  • Over seven million new players were introduced to Path of Exile around the world.
  • We shattered our 2013 player concurrency record of 70,000 people playing at once - the new record is 154,300 players playing at the same time.
  • In February, we were awarded with 2013 Game of the Year awards from Hyper Magazine and PC Powerplay.
  • We deployed 51 patches and ran 862 race events on our international servers, plus many more on the Singapore and Taiwanese realms.
  • We raised over $25,000 for the Child's Play charity thanks to your generous support!
  • We released the first two issues of our Digital Comic series!
  • Build of the Week became weekly again, with two seasons released in 2014 totalling 24 videos. We also released a series of eight Hideout of the Week videos.
  • We attended fan meetups in San Francisco, Los Angeles and Melbourne. It was awesome meeting you guys!

I am still a beginner at Chinese, but here's a small message thanking our Taiwanese community also. 我也要感謝我們所有的新朋友在台灣的支持。你們是一個了不起的社群,我期待著花更多的時間與你們明年!

Have a great and safe New Year!
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Heh, still 20h to go until New Year here, but still: Have a great New Year over there, GGG!

And thank you for making Path of Exile this awesome! I can't even count the hours I spent playing it...
Crit happens.
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Looking forward to the next year, also happy new year everybody.
Steam: teemu92
Thank you for this wonderful game !
and yet
all this would have been eclipsed by one single thing

"- Desync has been "fixed""
ZiggyD is the Labyrinth of streamers, some like it, some dont, but GGG will make sure to push it down ur throat to make you like it
we love you chris!
IGN Phaserun_Neverforget
GGG = love
GGG = life
I love you guys.
Great work GGG. Inspiration to the Kiwi gaming community

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