[3.13] Enki's Arc Witch - a beginner friendly Lightning Caster

MalaikatMaut wrote:
Oh man, I haven't checked the guide in a few weeks and everything is changed! I'm still using Wrath and a tanky ice golem. Do I need to invest in a three dragons helm to follow this now? I can't afford a CotB.

Also, I recently spec'd into MoM and also just 5 linked my CoD cloak. I'm currently using Tabula. Since I have the MoM keystone, is it worth it to lose the 6L for extra mana/MoM? How much is a white 6L ES chest?

Thanks all!

I recently made the switch over to the CotB setup and while I definitely recommend it over tanky golem/wrath, I do think the other version is viable. The skilltree is the same, so it's quite interchangeable. I find myself able to survive much better with CotB though I haven't tested Three dragons as much. It's only 1c for a max roll three dragons, so get one and give it a shot.

You can get a white 6L ES for as little as 2-3exa. Higher bases will run you closer to 10exa.
Guides(old, not updated)
LL BV Trickster - /1699146
CoC Quill Rain - /1668121
I've created my witch with this build. At this moment she's 84 lvl and I'm doing like 72-74 rares map, but I'm dieing sometimes and I found imposibble to run (kill bosses) just 2, maybe 3 maps.
I'm writing this post, because I have some orbs to spend, but I don't rly know what should I change in my items. Can someone give few tips about my items and what should I change first?
PS. Build is uber fun, very fast clear maps. Thanks for sharing your expierience :)
@MalaikatMaut: Welcome back. Caelsora's advice is solid. Your current build/gear isn't broken, it just has room for modest improvement. I was using wrath/tanky ice golem for a while myself.

In regards to your chest piece, the Tabula is nice for getting a feel for what Arc is like with Faster Casting. Though my DPS got a big jump, I didn't have the mana regen to support it. It was still workable though, because most packs died before I ran out of mana.

In the end, I gave up the 6L tabula for a 5L rare with life/mana/res stats. You don't need a ton of DPS (though it feels nice). Survivability / tankiness will allow you to clear more aggressively, thereby speeding up your map clearing. It'll also speed up your leveling (i.e. you lose less XP due to death).

So my vote is give the 5L CoD a try. Besides, it's not difficult to switch back to the 6L Tabula if you want.

Welcome to the thread. Don't worry about dying to certain map bosses. They are not created equal. Some were designed to be extra tough and meant to be skipped until you're more powerful. Check this link out:


Maps with a higher number means the boss is nastier.

Also, odds are you're running around with -40% chaos resist (like me). Bosses which do chaos damage will hit you hard. I don't have the currency or the RNG luck to get good chaos resist on top of the other stats I need first.

When it comes to deciding which pieces of gear I need to upgrade, I use a spreadsheet (a piece of paper is fine). I look at Enki's guide, where he recommends which life/mana/etc. values to aim for. I create a table with all the gear slots, Enki's budget/casual/high-end suggestions, and then what my current gear has.

I'll wait to see if the more experienced players have any specific gear advice for you. If not, I'll take a crack at it tomorrow.
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This is an open invitation to any of you new PoE players (like me) to whisper or send me a friend request if you're on Standard. My witch's name is EtherealAutarch. I'm lvl 86 and I've recently started working on my map pool. Up to 72 blue maps (because I'm too cheap to alch them into rares). I'm easy going and laid back.

If you want, we can start sharing daily master quests (which reset every day at 5pm PST or to be more specific midnight UTC time). If you don't know what I mean, check out this link:


In my hideout I have:

Elreon lvl 7
Vorici lvl 6
Catarina lvl 6
Zana lvl 5

I have random hours, but I'm usually on between 1pm PST(GMT-7:00) and 3am PST.

Cya around, either in game or on this thread!
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Thanks, I wanted to get 6 link chest but it was out of my range. I'm also thinking about upgrading my boots, I guess I need more hp and mov speed, but I'm not sure if it's good idea.
About my dieing... I can't get lvl 85 from 2 days, beacuse I'm randomly dieing in rares map +70 lvl.
I don't know how to grind exp and get +73-74 maps, should I run magic maps or something like that? :S
Btw I can't stwitch to mom for extra defense, because I didn't reach 150 m/s and 600 unreserved mana :/
@breedovsky963:I see two issues with your skill tree.

First of all, open two tabs in your web browser.
In the first tab, go the link for your skill tree.

In the second tab, go the link for Enki's 110 skill point tree.

Make sure both skill trees are in full screen mode (hit the 'F' button to toggle back and forth).

The two skill trees should line up perfectly. When you switch between the tabs, you can easily see the differences between the trees.

1)You can recover one skill point on the left side.

What you do is first take the Int node bellow Whispers of Doom (top left). Once you have that, you can refund the Str and Int nodes above Mind of Matter. This will free up the skill point that went into the Str node (assuming you don't break any gear or gem requirements for losing the Str).

2) You don't have the Alchemist flask nodes.

Those nodes + granite flask (which you don't seem to have) + iron skin suffix on the granite flask = a crap ton of armor (about 45% phys damage reduction) in an emergency.

Flask usage is key to high end gameplay. The Alchemist nodes make your flasks more powerful and longer lasting.

Keep in mind the Iron Skin suffix has a randomly rolled armor boost (from 60% to 100%).

I just noticed you're in Warbands. I hear the economy is tough there, so your gear will probably be behind the curve a bit.

Thanks for the responses, all. Absolutely a lot more survivability with 5L CoD than Tabula. For anyone who doesn't have proper stats on their other gear, I absolutely recommend ditching the easy 6L piece for a 5L with stats. I lost about 1,000 DPS by giving up the Faster Casting, but it's still worth it.

I've also been playing with Three Dragons. It seems to be a 'reasonable' CotB substitute, in that it will proc and apply curses. However, it has some serious mechanical drawbacks above and beyond the stat disparity. First, your HoT will never proc, which isn't a real downer, but you'll also never shock - ever - which means a potential 50% damage reduction to mobs you can't 1-hit. That's pretty significant. Additionally, your HoI procs will ignite rather than freeze...so I believe it's going to proc/apply curses less and generally be not as functional or potent.
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I didn't notice these 2 points, thanks. Will change it if I don't need this 10 str for gems.
Yeah, prices are pretty badly, 6 links chest is like 10 ex, if I'm aiming for end game chest.
Gonna try to buy these 2 flask and gonna see how it's work. Thanks for tip, that helped me a lot :)
Edit: I'm dumb apparently.
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You make good points about Three Dragons. You gain the ability to generate Frenzy charges, but you lose out on DPS and you take up the helmet slot. It definitely is inferior to CotB. I'm not happy with CotB's poetrade prices though :/

You can see the market manipulation with those 15ex and 18ex prices. There's no way they are actually selling. I wonder if the 3ex is even selling. I mean 1ex prices can take advantage of newbies who got a 1ex drop, but 3ex?

Then again it's a brand new unique with a lot of hype. And maybe the drop rate is lower in Standard compared to the temp leagues.

Anyways, thanks again for your analysis of the Three Dragons. Too bad PoE doesn't have a rental service. I'd like to try out CotB for a few hours.


Glad it helped. Also, for health flasks, Enki recommends Seething Divine (for burst damage) and Catalysed Eternal (for damage over time). I like Staunching on my Seething, because it's my "Oh crap!" button and bleeding usually invokes that reaction.

Keep having fun!
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