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RIP a Legend

Haven't played much League's (took them way to long to fix COnsole after the Harvest Disaster...), but the few I did I always had an Arc Witch as Starter oder Toon, so let's see what LC-Witch brings, thanks for keeping the Guide alive for such a long Time <3

I basically suck at POE, so I happily started building a witch with this guide. Now that a new league came, I wanted to have a new go at it but the guide vanished :(

I know there's a successor, but it seems a bit more advanced and there's less hand holding on the new guide.

Is there a copy of the old one that I could get my hands on?

Thank you!
Kinda frustrating that you arbitrarily removed all info about this build from your original messages.

RIP history.
Computer specifications:
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This was such a fun build, RIP
Wanted to thank you too.
I've been playing POE on and off for a few years now and it was your build and guide that helped me play POE better.

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It was my first build guide to ever follow
* Now has a base Critical Strike Chance of 6% (previously 5%). It no longer has 10% chance to Shock enemies, or provides 10-29% increased Effect of Lightning Ailments. It now has 15% more Damage with Hits and Ailments for each remaining Chain at all gem levels (previously more Damage for each remaining Chain).
* Quality now causes the skill to Chain +0-1 Times, instead of providing a 0-10% chance to Shock enemies.

Are we back in business? :)
my thought as well
arc build is back i guess

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