Enki's Arc Witch Memorial Page

Thanks Enki. Loved your build, it was always my fallback. Loved it :) hoping to see it again in PoE2.
Sorry to read that, I just started playing 3 days ago, I feel sad for my Arc Witch RIP.

Thanks for the guide it was quite interesting, I've learned a lot.

I'll follow the new build you are working on.

See ya.
You're the reason I kept playing POE. I started with your guide and played it for several leagues. If it wasn't for this guide I very likely wouldn't have lasted past my first.

o7 to arc witch.
thanks for this amazing guide and your years of work! definitely will be trying out your new one
the end of an era. thanks for the sick build!
This was the first build I ever played back in 3.1 Abyss. The sheer amount of detail put into the guide really helped me to learn a lot of the game mechanics (although I remember screwing up the CwDT setups lol). I played it again in the flashback event in 3.2 Bestiary and got a fifth place Demigod armor in the Xbox SSF league. Sad to see this go, but I know the LC guide will be just as amazing. Thank you Enki for all of the hard work and for the incredible build guide!
This thread has been epic from the ground up and its first 2 messages...

"MatrixFactor wrote:
Can you dual wield fishing rods? Do you think you could get the fastest cast speed lightning warp with two fishing rods or with a +3 lightning 22% cast staff?"

"Unfortunately not, they count as 2H. I think 2x perfect Apeps would beat out a +3 max CS staff."


Many PoE Players have been guided by this guide after freaking out about the amount of skill gems, the size of passive tree, and the overall complexity of PoE. Me included a couple years back... :)

Thanks for this guide and the followups !
RIP Arc :(
Thank you for everything enki, your build is what allowed me to dive into and enjoy this game all the way back in delve.

The end of an era, but what an era its been ♥
this build helped me to enjoy poe when i didn't know anything about the game
RIP to this build but a new Enki masterpiece is here!

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