0.10.0g Patch Notes

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Interesting finally a patch implementation. Where it fixes the flask glitch. That got me killed on my Hardcore character....Wish there was a death forgiveness for known issues like that
awesome patch =]
keep up the good work

Players are no longer attackable by monsters when changing areas.!!!!!
Fixed a bug where sometimes flasks would not work for a tiny period of time after gaining a flask charge.

This <33333
When can we expect more extensive balance changes?
Awesome Updates!!! These updates will prevent a lot of unfair deaths

Although more graphics options are desperately due. Certain skills that cause consistent lag such as the poison arrow cloud and the flame totem barrage cause a MASSIVE FPS drop. Speaking as an average gamer with normal specs (which I believe is majority of the people that play)I really wish there were more graphic options to reduce the graphics more and/or remove effects. I really enjoy the game and im willing to play with crappy graphics if it means smoother gameplay. Hope it will be available in the near future. Thanks.
Players are no longer attackable by monsters when changing areas.

Awesome, gonna reduce alot of the issues that HC players, especially the new ones are facing
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Nice update. I demand pants!
Drakx wrote:
When can we expect moe extensive balance changes?

According to Chris in the 0.10.1 patch.
The next major patch is 0.10.1, which may include big changes such as the following ones we're testing internally:

Different icons for each gem so that they can be distinguished easily.
Many new end-game Map areas so that the ones that currently share layouts become distinct and interesting.
An overhaul of a lot of the sound in game to support pitch/volume variation (which makes it sound a lot better).
Flask bug finally yeesss

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