PvP Tournament Season One Prizes

jaredh wrote:

Why would I *ever* spend any of my time watching somebody else play when I could be playing myself? Streaming is a fad that will die eventually.

Streaming won’t go anywhere. People that love something that they cannot do themselves, whether it’s due to lack of skill, lack of time, or lack of desire to participate… watch others. That’s just the way it is.
The typical PVP delusion. "Everybody LOVES PvP!" No, they don't. In my experience, its far less than 30% of gamers. See WoW realms. See any other game that has ever wasted time on PvP. It's always a side venture.

Side adventures are what keep the game interesting. This is why games like WoW (and every other successful online game) have things like professions, achievements, Factions, Reputation, and yes, even PvP. Besides, 30% is a large chunk of the player population.

The reason that there aren't currently many players who pvp regularly in PoE should be fairly obvious... Up until 1.3, there really hasn't been much of a PvP system to speak of (besides quick matches), and the PvP community we did have, I feel was not very well represented - at least when it comes to the typical PvE player.

IMO, this can only bring positive changes and, as a former member of the Diablo 2 LLD community, am extremely excited that players who otherwise may have never tried PvP, will have the chance at least to be exposed to it, before making a decision for themselves (remember, PvP will always be optional!).

PS - To the people QQing about the effect that the nerfs are going to have on PvE - it would be ridiculous not to think that some major rebalancing is going to be taking place on the other end as well (aka, monsters and bosses will surely be nerfed/changed to match accordingly). GGG wouldn't just take away half our defenses, and drop us back into the same PvE content that we were fighting before, at the same difficulty lol. Come on guys... Give them the props they deserve, Diablo 3 promised PvP even before release, and we all know how great THAT turned out.
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I think it's about time we saw some PoE themed Razer products!

TBH I've never cared for Razer products myself, but they have always supported us hardcore gamers.

About 14 years ago (when Razer first started out) they used to sponsor our LAN parties hosted by Breadman... (So did Bawls when they first came out.) Good times! :D

Back then I think Razer consisted of only 2 guys, who were hardcore gamers themselves, so they know what it's like to be the little guy just starting out, which is probably why they're supporting PoE so much. (not to mention the advertisement they get from it)

I digress, I think it's awesome that Razer is sponsoring PoE!
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Wraeklops wrote:
That alternate art is great, really like it but since I won't play pvp...

1st place: $50 Karma Koin and Razer Gaming Hardware ($80+)

this is incorrect, or at least misleading
Prize is worth $80 or more? Not really, if you get the mousepad. It's only one item of the pack, not all of them.

if you read closer it says mouse and mousepad.
Ungil's Gauche, perhaps?

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eh forget it

w/e happens happens

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Jideament wrote:

I laughed bro thank you.

What about 3D arts of that items.

I dont wanna win any lucking alt art without 3D art.

I actually agree with you, though with less aggressive tone. I wish all alt arts had 3D art and not just different sprite images.

Anyone else agree ?
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Love the PvP prices from Razer, now I don't have to decide what new mouse I wanna buy, I just have to no life the whole PvP season! xD
I think the reason people are QQ'ing is that PvM still needs work and PvP has traditionally been an afterthought in games like these. Even though D2 seemingly had popular PvP the developers did't put any thought into PvP beyond creating the hostile system. Everything but a few items seems to be designed around PvM.

I don't see how PoE could be interesting because I don't see how it is human;y possible balance skill gems, support gems, etc for both PvP and PvM and I don't think we are going to see a PvP only league with rebalanced items, skills, supports, and so on. In the end I would rather watch people play twitch shooters, fighting games, and SC:BW.
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Cool prizes, looking forward to seeing this.
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