Exclusive Halloween Microtransactions

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Yes! finally
IGN: Aux
oooooo aaaaaa
gotta buy them all!
Love the Lantern head!
Ruby light of Songbird dreaming,
Daring King of Swords deceiving,
Queen of Sirens left in grieving,
Star of Wraeclast evermore.
omg omg omg

Don't forget to drink your milk 👌
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Cool, thanks! saving my points just for these at the moment.
Steam: teemu92
That pet .... did you guys already nip the pumpkin punch a bit too much.
HOW THE VAAl, did you get that idea.
Very awesome.
Would be hilarious if someone bought like 50 of those Rolling Heads and put it in their hideout.

Unfortunately I am not rich.
"so you can see who has more PvPenis" - Chris Wilson
"Everyone can at least be exposed to Leo's PvPenis" - Chris Wilson
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