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Make stuff like Mirrored / Max 5 sockets and other such item traps really highlight on item searches...

Not saying its not my own fault for not triple checking, but really sucks when you end up buying a bait item...
Your indexing is busted.

Search Zykor on the official trade site:

Searching Zykor, thread# or item on poe.trade:

Fix it, I haven't been able to sell shit for two days. I've tried making new threads but it doesn't work either, current is #2228165.
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So I found a bug where searching for online only will still result in an occasional offline seller still showing

Doesn't happen often but is present.
Hey man, can you add the card Beauty Through Death to currency.poe.trade so i can bid my offer for it? I don't know if the other new cards are missing there too, but this one is.


Tired of being called a scammer when i offer 20-40c less for the listed cards, currency.poe.trade removes this hassle completely.
Hi there,

it is not possible to use " -#% maximum Player Resistances " on search. He offers only " #% maximum Player Resistances " and this changes nothing.

Hope you will fix this soon. :)

Could we have a way to filter out mirrored items? With the addition of fossil crafting it became pretty tedious to search for non-mirrored items in certain cases.
Other things I've come across that are missing: '-max player res' for maps and the ability to filter for shaped/non-shaped maps

keep up the good work, I appreciate it very much!
while paste item data:

maybe we can write there implicit -i or explicit -e near from stats and that auto find mods can be better at there. or something like it can be better.

for example

Rarity: Rare
Horror Twirl
Two-Stone Ring
Level: 28
Item Level: 74
+14% to Fire and Lightning Resistances-i
Adds 1 to 2 Fire Damage to Attacks-e
Adds 1 to 34 Lightning Damage to Attacks-e
+24% to Fire Resistance-e
28% increased Elemental Damage with Attack Skills-e

Thx for implementing -#% maximum Player Resistances so fast, but its still not working correct. I tryed to filter it out with the "not" option, but still on the searched maps.


Keep up your good work and thx alot for it !
This may not be a simple thing, but would be awesome to have a "Copy item data" button next to each item, for easier life putting items into PoB in order to see which is better for you. Basically just the way Ctrl+C in game copies the information of an item.

It would be nice to have a checkbox near each line on currency market shop page in order to toggle the offer line on or off.
Lines grouping and collapsible groups would be nice too.
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