[2.5 Video Guide] Beginner's Build: Dual Flame Totem, Blood Magic Chieftain [Atziri & HC/SC Viable]

tomay wrote:
I basically play Self Found

Basically but not strictly? ;)

In this case it's probably better to switch to Incinerate totems, much easier to ramp up the damage damage output. I'd go with:

Spell Totem + Incinerate + Faster Casting + Controlled Destruction + Fire Penetration + Immolate

If necessary, use a Flame Golem with Chance to Ignite, GMP, Echo, to ignite enemies.

Also get an Essence Worm Ring with Anger.

"Basically" in the sense that I don't use the official Self Found mode, because I want to use the stash of items I have stored up over the last few years. My self Found is purely self-enforced.

And thanks for the tips, I already have an Essence Worm ring. I might try Incinerate in the future if I ever get stuck aiming for higher maps.
I already have an Essence Worm ring.

As mentioned before, Flame Totem only has 25% effectiveness of added damage. So lvl 22 Anger (in Essence Worm) only adds about 32 flat fire damage to Flame Totem whereas Incinerate does not suffer from this penalty, here Anger adds a whopping 127 flat fire damage which will be quadrupled in the final stage.

Do you plan to update this build for 3.2. I'm really looking forward to keep playing your build after coming back to game after a break.

I'm trying to focus on this video : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7YUD2prtr_U . But I'd love to see them in your well-written guide.

Looking forward to hear from you, thanks for your contributions to the Poe community .)

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