Using a VPN to avoid connection issues

I connected to the tcp80 connection, and was immediately barraged with malicious inbound website requests according to Malwarebytes. What's up? (please direct message me)
I am crashing every 5-10 minutes when I play the Beta.
It was suggested that I play over VPN.
Are these instructions still good?
Everything else aside, a vpn should be able to help you establish a better connection. The rules of whether a vpn is allowd or not varies game to game because as Drakier said, "Because VPNs can be open (and abused) they often times get IP bans to prevent cheaters from using VPN to avoid detection and consequences." I can actually attest to this ip rule. some servers might allow it, some might not. try making a test account with a free vpn like oepra to see if it works for you, without violating the rules of course. if it does, try getting some cheap vpn or something on sale like ivacy or pure to make sure you game with an ip that isn't available to freebie abusers. maybe try and get a dedicated ip if the experiment works out for you.
there's no singapore server in vpnbook
any other sites?
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does VPN works the same as using Google DNS?

No buddy both can't work at same time. However, VPN must be reliable if you want to be safe.
I usually use VPN for online gaming, and I am using Nord as gaming VPN and never face any issue with it. You should try NordVPN.
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I used PIA for this purpose but it always slows down my internet speed, after then i switched to fastestVPN now i have no issues regarding internet speed and network disconnection issues.

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