Using a VPN to avoid connection issues

PDoughboy has come up with a comprehensive guide to using a VPN to download and play the game if your internet provider is causing you to have incomplete downloads or preventing you connecting to some areas.

First of all, this workaround will work for two issues as I see it: 1) If your ISP is preventing you from downloading/patching certain files and 2) If you suspect your ISP is preventing you from loading certain areas due to their filtering

There is a relatively simple solution for this, and can be done several ways. The primary method to solving these problems is by either downloading the game through a VPN Connection or playing the game over a VPN Connection, depending upon which problem above you are having. If you already have access to a VPN or know how to attain one, there is no need to continue with the steps below.

There are many options when it comes to downloading VPN Clients. Personally I chose VPNBook, which is completely free and hosted in Romania, so there is no way your ISP will block anything. You can download VPNBook here: or just follow the steps below.

1) Download the OpenVPN GUI software here: and choose your file type to download (i.e. exe, zip)

2) Install the OpenVPN GUI software and open the readme for reference

3) You now need to download a VPN Certificate file:

4) Unzip the certificate files and place the contents in the OpenVPN directory "Config" folder (example: "C:\Program Files\OpenVPN\Config")

5) You are now ready to run your OpenVPN GUI which should have created a shortcut on your desktop. It will be running in your taskbar at the bottom right when opened. Right click the OpenVPN icon in the taskbar and click "Connect".

6) When it prompts you for a username and password, use the default one provided by VPNBooks website. This has changed, so you may need to update your login details:
username : vpnbook
password : (for up to date passwords, visit here and click the 'OpenVPN' tab, the details are at the bottom of the drop-down tab)

7) It may require you to enter your username and password a second time. If it does, just re-enter the same username and password. If you are having trouble connecting still, try downloading the TCP Certificates from the link above and replace your old UDP Certificate files in the OpenVPN Config Folder with the TCP ones.

Now that you are on a VPN connection, you are effectively bypassing anything your ISP may be blocking or filtering which can cause errors during downloading or patching of the game, or simply not allowing you to run certain instances of the game itself.

If you are having trouble downloading or patching the game (certain files not downloading) follow the instructions Chris from GGG has provided on this post (running Content.ggpk Reclamation) while you are connected to the VPN:

If you are having problems running the game in certain instances (i.e. Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime Errors, or Exceptions) it may be a result of your ISP filtering while you are loading a specific area. You can solve this problem by connecting to the VPN and playing the game or trouble areas while on the VPN Connection.

If you have any further questions about anything regarding this tutorial, dont be afraid to PM me (PDoughboy). I hope this solves any issues you may be having. Happy Hunting!
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We're working on a change that will fix having to patch through a VPN, so that if it detects you're being sent bad files, it'll download those specific files from somewhere else. If you need to use a VPN for actually playing the game without being disconnected, that's something with your connection or internet provider that is much harder to work around. Switching to a different Gateway should fix the problem if it's caused by your connection to our servers, in which case you may need to contact your ISP to get them to change the route they use. If it doesn't, you may want to check if your router, wifi connection or the cable you use are damaged or broken.

We understand that these aren't always options for everyone, so we'll keep working on solutions that may help you get around these problems.
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Hi there,

On your website page, if you look at the top right side of the screen, you should see "download" button. That should allow you to re-download the client.exe

It should be located wherever you have set up your download drop location, normally it's found in "User/downloads"

Please contact if you have any further issues or questions.

- Mike
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Completed 20 ChallengesDavorMarin wrote:
Tried this method, followed every step in this guide, but for every IP I got from VPN it said it's banned. Are there any other options or my PoE career is doomed, at least in dorm ( I can play every other internet game though, so idk what's the problem with PoE )?

Have you tried ?

There are quite a lot of free VPN's and such on offer these days, you should be able to locate on that works sufficiently for you, just takes a bit of Googling.

Feel free to PM myself or create a new thread if you don't have any luck with NordVPN.
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