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Last bumped on Mar 21, 2020, 1:49:15 AM

Pretty good looking since there are no drawbacks other than auras not affecting your character. For pure summoners with no other damage sources this can be good if you have enough sockets to put it on auras.

It also has interesting synergy while in party, if you have enough mana to support others. Also neat trick with two people, both players run same aura with generosity and stay together -> free increased aura effect.
It doesn´t work with rejuvenation totem. I though it would suport the regeneration stopping the totem of regenerating himself
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i was really hoping there would be more discussion in here about this gem considering this is the official forums and this is the official thread for this gem. i guess that tells us how much interest there is for this gem. anyway the first problem with this gem is that it takes a gem socket, the second is that auras are pretty much balanced with the expectation that they will be supported by reduce mana gem.

i guess it will be nice if this gem also reduced the mana reservation of auras so that it can take the place of reduce mana gem, or really any buff to this will be nice. As it is it is not even generating posts on this thread
It seems straightforward for a pure-summoner to use it on damage auras, as they won't be benefiting. Seems to be the only main use outside of a dedicated support build.

The gem takes the slot of an extra aura or other skill (curse/desecrate) that could also use reduced mana (which you would always, always link). Still slowly evaluating whether to keep Generosity, given that survivability in high maps is a big priority.
Seriously this gem is almost never used for people who only get to play with strangers.

IDEA: Concentrated Buff, red/blue gem, gives player increased buffs at the cost of players auras not being shared by other players, only minions, totems. Drop only gem. This gem would be able to be used on all kinds of things specifically rejuvenation totem which barely gets any choices for buffing it besides inner force.

This generosity gem is in the right direction though, but extremely useless for solo non summoner players.

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does it also buffs the aura on totems?
As a summoner, this gem is really good for controlling what element you use for Elemental Equilibrium. However, with Wrath and Anger now affecting spells, if you are in a group with someone using one of those auras, you are out of luck. I think Wrath only boosts existing Lightning damage on spells, so it's safe, but Anger adds flat fire damage to spells. We could use more Avatar of (Element) keystones to deal with that.

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