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Last updated: 3/28/24

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Recruitment Info

1) Please only join if you are looking for a long term guild..

2) We are a SC Temp/Challenge league focused guild. As a word of caution, this can result in significant decline in member activity as the league ages.

3) The United States is where most of our players are from, but anyone is welcome.

4) Veteran & New & Returning players are all welcome.

5) We are seeking active, social, and friendly people to fill our slots and chat it up in guild. What better way to keep the map grind entertaining than egging members on to vaal their gear?

6) We have a Discord Server (VoIP), it is mostly for off-line discussions. There is not much usage for voice channels.

7) The guild max capacity is ~150 members. We want a small community where most members know everyone.

8) Guild point donations are appreciated and will go towards more guild stash tabs.

9) Guild stashes are free use. The last page is restricted toOfficer access.

Guild Expectations

If you clicked this thread, I assume you at least read the whole title. You aren't expected to play 24/7 or reply to every guild message/question. However, I am hoping that you are (or at least want to be) somewhat social, so that whatever you or guildies are doing is a little less monotonous. If you decide to join, I encourage you to use guild chat. We have people of all types so keep an open mind and don't take things too seriously.

Please don't join this guild if you don't plan on talking to us at all. I'm not sure what you stand to gain by joining with this mindset. Our guild stash of headhunters and mirrors is locked to officers (actually just doesn't exist).

Application Form

Please use the following template to leave an application.

Application Template

Any Character's Name:
How often do you play?:
What do you expect from this guild?:
Are you aware we only play SC Temp leagues (i.e. NOT standard)?:
Other Information (Optional):

You can PM the application to me on this website or discord if you don't want to post it in the public thread.

Why was I kicked from the guild?

With GGG's implementation of the last online feature guild cleanings will be a frequent occurrence. Any member inactive for over 4 weeks without prior notice may be subject to removal. Please send me a PM for notices of absence or let an officer know.

If you were removed and returned to the game, rejoining is as simple as messaging me or an officer for an invite!

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me.

Thanks for reading!

(@Esely in-game)
<BLÍSS> Recruitment

I like potato
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<BLÍSS> Recruitment

I like potato
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fuck hooking
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I like potato
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also interested.
Sent out invites.

Bump :)
<BLÍSS> Recruitment

I like potato
Im interested but new to POE im looking to build a rogue/assassin toon but I don't know where to start or how
I'd like to join your guild. I'll be on today after the patch hits and i'll be on Rampage.
Alright, just message me @Esely. Just got home so I have to patch
<BLÍSS> Recruitment

I like potato
id like to join
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