Marauder design influenced by Maori?

Can't help but notice how the Marauder looks Maori, if so, this is awesome!
I noticed that too :D not too surprising, as ggg is an NZ company. There's other NZ culture hints too, like the Rhoa.
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same here. I have actually seen drawings etc of Maori chanting before battle which looks exactly like this. There is no mistake, I feel confident enough to say that the Marauder was based on the Maori design.

Note: The Maori were great fighters. I just hope that they live up to the image.
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shhhh! Not too loud...otherwise the bloody maori's will get upset that the games using their culture without permission and will want a cut of the games profits....
Everything for nothing....dispite the fact that its drawing huge audiances to NZ which will pay off economically....
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Don't worry. All the designers have to do is find out one of their Ancestors who were part Maori. (Almost everyone in NZ is some ridiculously small part Maori but any amount will do.) After that, they can say it's their own culture too which means that they are allowed to base a character on the Maori.
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For us that aren't familiar, would someone care to explain what exactly a Maori is and a bit about their origins?
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I first heard of the Maori on Deadliest Warrior. They seemed impressive, and I was curious why I'd never heard of them before.
that's pretty cool!
The Maori are a native race in this country (New Zealand) and are quite renown as great warriors. The Maori were were such a strong, intelligent and savage people when the English landed here in 1840 that they decided that they would work together rather than the hostile takeover that they were used to. Because of this the Maori culture still thrives today. Great story.
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Maybe the Marauder can perform the haka and give all party members +strength +armor and scare the sh*t out of his enemies :D

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