Havoc's Beginner Guide AKA Git Gud™ Guide

I might be a little late, but you'll want passive/passive/power charge for vaal spark
For a Vaal Sparker, if you already had Chill of corruption, would you obtain a Call of the Brotherhood ring or start getting Sacrificial Harvest jewels first?
Any chance that you update Vaal Spark for 2.1 ?
2.0 Archive

Live Gameplay can be found at twitch.tv/havoc616
Youtube VODS can be found at youtube.com/havoc616

My Characters
Some gear and/or passives might be incorrect or messed up since I may have been testing build concepts or borrowing gear from them.

HvTheActualFinalPizza - Flameblaster (3Day HC Exiles Everywhere)
RhoasAteMyPizza - Crit Mjolner spec optimized for HC All Mod Mapping, Fourth 100 (1M Flashback HC)
RemoveXPGear_Havoc - Flameblast (1M Flashback HC)
HvS - Phys Tornado Shot (1Month Bloodlines HC)
HvChillAxe - 2H Axe Cyclone Duelist (Bloodlines)
HvUberCasual - Crit Mjolner optimizing for Uber Atziri (100% all res, duration nodes, etc) (Bloodlines)
HvTradeAfterMap - Flameblaster switched too PvP Flameblast, Third 100 (Bloodlines)
HvUberAtziri - CoC Discharge (Beyond)
HvNiceInternetMate - Flameblaster for farming Masters (Beyond)
HvNiceDDOS - Crit SWT (Beyond)
HvSpaceClam - Crit SWT (Beyond)
NICEBUILDS_COM - Detonate Dead (1Month HC Invasion/Onslaught/Some other crazy stuff)
HvPlaceholder - Detonate Dead (2Week Invasion HC)
HvClamcore - Lowlife Spectral Throw (Invasion)
HvAtziri - Lowlife Spectral Throw (Invasion)
HvCasual - Soultaker BoR Aegis Atziri/Uber Atziri Killer (Invasion)
ChainvR - Burning Miscreation Summoner (Post CoD Nerf) (Nemesis)
HvA - Burning Miscreation Summoner, Second Level 100 (First Hardcore One) (Nemesis)
HvZ - HP Voltaxic LA (Nemesis)
HvW - Low Life Dual Spark Totem MFer for Challenges (Onslaught)
HvX - CI Crit LA (Onslaught)
HvC - CI Crit LA (Onslaught)
WvH - 50% Block/Spell Block CI Freeze Pulse/Spark (Hardcore)
HvR - Lightning Arrow, First Character in PoE & World First Level 100 (Standard)

List of 1.3 NiceBuilds™

How To Make a Nicebuild™ VOD (Soon™)

2.0 The Awakening

The game has received a massive overhaul in terms of items, skill gems, new jewel system, monster damage, monster hp, maps, and new content. Thus, what constitutes a NiceBuild™ will be different than it's 1.3 predecessors. I'll make a list of NiceBuilds™ soon™.

I feel in SC 95% of all builds are viable now however in HC with monster damage changes + map changes there may be limited competitive build diversity.

OpieOP List
Might turn this into a Tier list later dunno.
- Melee (Sweep, Cyclone, Ice Crash, Reave, etc), Flameblast, Summoners, Curses, Incinerate, Poison Arrow, Flame Totems / Totems, Bow/KB with proper Reflect Solutions.
-Lightning Coil 5-10ex easily in HC (Cloak of Flame is a good cheap alternative)
-Taste of Hate Prices will skyrocket
-New Flask Nodes in Ranger/Duelist

Notable Changes (WIP)
-Lockstep = No More Desync
-Act 4 Mobs deal significantly more damage than A1-3
-Monster damage has generally been buffed in Merciless and Maps
-Can no longer rely on CWDT for Physical Immunity
-Reduced Mana no longer effects auras where as Enlighten does. Many auras have new reservation %.
-Heralds have been reduced in potency & anger + wrath now affect spells.
-Melee skills can be linked with a new "Fortify" support gem that gives 20% reduction too ALL damage (applies after armour for physical damage) for a short duration
-Rebalanced Uniques
-Leech Changes. Life Leech Gem 2% Leech at all Levels, level and quality only buff leech rate. Doryani's Catalyst and Invitation now provide 0.2% Leech
-Reflect is no Longer an Aura and reflects both Physical and Elemental Damage. This can also spawn on "Thornflesh" Magic Mobs which means every single mob in that pack will have Reflect.
-New Item Mods
-Changes too Map Drops. This is huge since they want you to alch + chaos your maps for hard mods which will usually limit build diversity in HC as opposed to alt + regaling where you can avoid damage mods. Top Tier builds will need to be able too run many dangerous cominbations.
-Eldritch Battery no longer converts ES to Mana but puts energy shield over your mana

If you feel I've missed anything just post in the thread or send me a PM via PoE Forums/In Game/Twitch

List of 2.0 Nicebuilds™

Poison Arrow - http://poeurl.com/zsiwSwV
Planned Links:
PA - Conc - Emp - Slower Proj - Inc AoE - Pierce
Ice Shot - CoH - GMP - Vuln - Temp Chains - Inc Dura
Vaal Lightning Trap - GMP - Inc Dura - Rallying Cry
CWDT - IC - Inc Dura - Mirror Arrow
Grace - PoF/AA - Frenzy - Blink Arrow

Bandits: Oak - Skill/Kraityn - Kraityn
Jewels are 20% Dmg or 10% Dmg + 8% life early game, end game they are 30%/8% Life or 40% DMG. Unique Jewels: Poachers Aim and maybe Hidden Potential.

Rating 1-10: Prob 6-7 IMO

Early Game = Slow, PA + Fire trap + Flame totem is good leveling. Realistically PA becomes useful in cruel. Never really that great party carrying since you can't buff your damage that much. Also has potential for Day 1 Atziri.

Potential Uniques: Silverbranch, Drillneck, Carcass Jack/Lightning Coil/Cloak of Flame, Blood Dance

My Gear/Tree - http://poeurl.com/zzNj6Ol

Summon Raging Spirits - http://poeurl.com/zzNdnRz

Vaal Spark
Dried Lake Tree: http://poeurl.com/zzNlgmU
Dried Lake Gear

Useful Links
Development Manifesto
http://pastebin.com/AWF8EntZ- Dominion's Loot Filter v4
Twitch.tv/Havoc616 --- Youtube.com/Havoc616
HvR 100 #1 SC/World - HvA 100 #2 Nemesis/#3 HC - HvTradeAfterMap 100 #1 Bloodlines
#1 Atziri & Uber Atziri Kill Invasion - #1 Bloodlines Uber Kill
Fix Level 100 Ladder Bug (November 2013)
opop, better to teach peoople how to make their own builds instead of relying on shit streamers who have no fucking clue.
how important is 100% pierce chance for vaal spark build? Also could you please update 2.1 talent tree for vaal spark?
Thank you
Loot Filter v6 edit divination card name Glimmer of Hope not the Glimmmer of Hope !
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I want to play your Vaal Spark THC build but im new and I dont know which skill points to use for lvl. 10,20... etc.
Can someone help me?
I know you're a meme king, but also just wanted to say you're a great member of the community for sharing your wealth of knowledge and not being secretive or an asshole about it.

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