Havoc's Beginner Guide AKA Git Gud™ Guide

Live Gameplay can be found at twitch.tv/havoc616
Youtube VODS can be found at youtube.com/havoc616

How To Make a Nicebuild™ VOD (Soon™)

-Use an offline skill tree planner (Such as: Path of Building)
-Use the search feature and observe + note where all the damage nodes and defensive nodes are
-Use the Show Node Power feature (Path of Building specific) to find the most efficient nodes
-Make multiple versions of the same build, I've gone up to 15 versions for the same build before.
-Use the Skill tree comparison feature between different versions and ask yourself:
-- What do I hope to accomplish with this build?
-- Are you going to map? Atziri? Uber Atziri? Rigwald? MF? Dried Lake? etc
-- is X > Y ??
-- Is Z worth 3 skill points? What if I spent those skill points somewhere else?
-- Should I drop ABC for DEF?
-- Can I use an item to drop XXX nodes? Can I get XXX nodes and drop some mandatory items?
-- Can I get jewels to make up for low/missing XXX?
-- Is the build better as Life? ES? Hybrid? LL?
-- Does the build need mitigation in the form of Evasion? Armour? Block? Acro? Purities? etc?
-- How efficient are certain choices in my build? (I.e is 70 points for block worth it?)
-- How much Life and/or ES will the build have end game? Is that too much? Too little?
-- How can I mitigate reflect?
-- How many map mods can I do? Are there a lot of map mods that stop my build?
-- Is this a blue map or rare map build?
-- Do I pull my own weight in a party or am I leeching? Is the build solo only?
-- If I "Got Good" or improved my playstyle can I disregard some inefficiencies or downsides in my build?
-Don't get stuck in paralysis by analysis, if you can't decide just pick a version and do it

How to Git Gud

-Read the ingame help menu (if you are a beginner) to grasp basics
-Find an appropriate filter
-Don't listen to reddit circle-jerk
-Use your brain and form your own opinions ☻ ☺
-Your opinion might be wrong or is based on personal preferences / playstyle
-You'll learn more making your own builds and have more fun
-If someone says XXX is Trash/OP ask yourself why
-If XXX is considered Trash/OP is it a hyperbole or just a bad/good option?
-EB/MOM/ZO/GR (Combo) is Trash
-Good Positioning and High Damage/Utility > 10K EHP No Damage Build
-Evasion > Armour (Armour builds usually do 0 damage)
-Farming 77-79s Fast > Snail Paced 80-82 Maps (Same concept applies at lower map levels)
-Learn from your own deaths and others deaths (Ask yourself, "What would you do next time in that situation?" - Positioning? Build Issue? Didn't read map mods? etc)
-Use the Wiki
-Don't play while tired
-Don't complain that you're poor if you spend 5+ minutes between maps
-People that are rich every league do not rely on T1 drops
-Use Acquisition or Premium Stash Tabs and setup a shop early (8-12H into a league or ASAP). List lots of crappy items for 0.5-5c+
-You get many respec points from quests. Use these to optimize your leveling.
-Anticipate spike damage and pre-pot flasks

Race Times

-Melee is the fastest early on
-Try to progress with 0-minimal life nodes in normal
-These are generally the times for top tier racing builds so if you are playing a hipster build and you are out of the range don't worry
-Left times are generally god tier/top tier racing times. The second time is what an average racer can achieve with a bit of practice.

-Brutus 11-15 Minutes
-Merveil 18-25 Minutes
-Vaal 39-52 Minutes
-Piety 55-85 Minutes
-Dominus 65-100 Minutes
-If you're not confident / new you can farm dried lake here or continue progression. The times below may not apply if you do so. This is also a great opportunity to do normal lab.
-Malachai 1h30min - 2h30min
-Act 5: TBA
-Act 6: TBA
-Act 7: TBA
-Act 8: TBA
-Act 9: TBA
-Act 10: TBA

Will update these times for the 3.0 Race season


-Don't use in game trade chat unless you know what you're doing
-Use poe.trade & currency.poe.trade
-Use Acquisition or Premium Stash Tabs to setup a shop
-People who list items at low prices and don't respond to trade requests are often (but not always) trying to force the price down, this is commonly known as "Price Fixing".
-If someone does not reply right away, they may be busy or in a map (You can use the /whois command to check)
-Go to the sellers hideout
-Some people get upset if you offer them something different than it's listed for(Ex: Offer to buy an item for 5 chaos but put alchemy's and fusings in the trade window)
-If you don't like someone's offer, you can simply say 'no thanks'


Path of Building

Q: Where can I get Path of Building?
A: Path of Building

Q: How do I import a build into Path of Building?
1. Click "New Build"
2. Click "Import/Export Build"
3. Click "Import from Pastebin..."
4. Paste the desired Pastebin link and click "Import"
5. Click "Import"

Q: How do I check how big the AoE of a skill is in PoB?
A: Go to the calculations tab, select the skill and hover over radius (Under skill type-specific stats), may not be accurate for non circular skills and may not provide a preview if PoB does not know the base radius.


Q: How do I calculate the optimal amount of mana I should have with Mind over Matter?
1. Find your ratio between life and mana. (I.e 30% of damage goes to mana and 70% goes to life, 30/70 = 0.43)
2. Multiply your life pool by your ratio. (I.e 5000 * 0.43 = 2150)

Q: How does blood rage work with melee phys on full life?
A: If your regen is greater than your degen, the game considers you at full life.

Q: How to sunder with a sword?
A: The unique sword Varunastra counts as all one hand melee weapon types

Q: How many pantheon powers can I pick?
A: You can pick one minor and one major god power including their respective additional souls.

Q: When I import a build it says unknown version number
A: Update your PoB

Item Filters

I use Race Melee/Caster till act 4/5 and then switch to MapChaos. Maps is generally the most strict and shows the least amount of items.

Useful Links
poe.trade & currency.poe.trade
Frequently Answered Questions
Useful AHK Macro
Daily Lab Layouts
Price History and Economic Overview
WSplit or LiveSplit for racing timers
Mikelat's Aura Calculator
Vorici Chromatic Calculator (Not 100% Accurate, but close)
PoECraft: Item Affix Info + Other Tools
Development Manifesto
Path of Building
Twitch.tv/Havoc616 --- Youtube.com/Havoc616
HvR 100 #1 SC/World - HvA 100 #2 Nemesis/#3 HC - HvTradeAfterMap 100 #1 Bloodlines
#1 Atziri & Uber Atziri Kill Invasion - #1 Bloodlines Uber Kill
Fix Level 100 Ladder Bug (November 2013)
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