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Just browsing through these builds, noticed the fire trapper passive tree isn't done.
Could you possibly do a skill tree & such for a MF culler build? i want to make one as my first character in Torment, but im not sure how to go about it. any help is really appriciated. :)
Thanks mate.
Messed around for hours to create a decent FB Charge build, didn't think about Prolif until I saw this.
Awesome work!
Patch 1.3 - never forget the big qq!
Crit fireball build takes both blood magic and eldrich battery... might want to review that tree
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The tree isn't even right on pathofexile.com

How can people follow these when they will be broken when 1.3 hits? Am I missing something?
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paste tree in https://poebuilder.com/ to get the right (1.3) version.
Havoc6 wrote:

If you go non-crit swt and you are not playing support please delete your character.

Hey Hovoc6,

just a HUGE THX! Your builds are a great inspiration!

Keep up the good work!


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