From May 10 to 24 (US time), we'll be running a two week Path of Exile Ambush/Invasion race event to benefit the Child's Play charity. Child's Play is a charitable organisation that raises money to provide toys and games for children in over 70 hospitals worldwide.

To support the charity, we're introducing an exclusive new helmet skin called the Angelic Mask. It's only available during the two week event and 100% of the proceeds will be directly donated to the Child's Play charity on your behalf. It's priced at $5 which is hopefully a nice easy amount that everyone is comfortable donating. To purchase it, click here!

Event Prizes:

Due to the generosity of our gaming hardware partners, we have some awesome prizes to give out. We've tried hard to make sure that everyone has a chance to win these hardware prizes, so we've pitched them at lower levels of participation.

We'll pick winners randomly from the people who reach the following levels or higher. The prize levels continue to stack as you level up. You can win prizes from multiple tiers.

Prizes available in the random draw include:

  • Level 15: 100x Stash Tab Bundles
  • Level 20: 100x Premium Stash Tab Bundles
  • Level 25: 10x Razer Mice
  • Level 30: 5x Razer Keyboards
  • Level 35: 5x NVIDIA High-performance Graphics Cards
  • Level 40: 8x Turtle Beach Ear Force Z SEVEN Gaming Headsets (Newly Added on 7 May!)
  • Level 50: 10x Sets of all Seraph Microtransactions (Armour pieces, Wings, Weapon Effect and Footprint Effect)
  • Level 65: 5x Sets of Signed Prints of Original Early Concept Art
  • Level 85: 1x One hour private Q&A on Skype with Chris, Jonathan and Erik

In addition, the top 5 players (ranked by experience) will receive an Alternate Art Demigod's Bounty unique item.

Specific Information:

  • This event has the properties of both the Ambush and (recently rebalanced) Invasion challenge leagues. That means that you'll encounter enchantable Strongboxes, guest monsters and Invasion bosses as you compete. It's parented to the Invasion league, so you'll be able to continue your character in that league once the race ends.
  • The two-week race will start at 1pm PDT on Saturday, May 10 and end exactly two weeks later at 1pm PDT on Saturday, May 24. This is 4pm EDT, 10pm CEST and 8am Sunday morning in New Zealand.
  • It's good to arrive ten minutes early to create a character in the right league. Just run Path of Exile, log into your account and you'll see the event on the list below the character list (from around half an hour beforehand). Click "Join" and create a character in the event. You won't be able to move until the event starts.
  • Race events like this are a self-contained economy - you won't be able to access your existing characters or stash. When the event ends, your race characters and stash will be moved to the Invasion league. If any characters die during the race, then they will be moved to the Standard league.
  • If you're interested to read more about the rules of race events, check out this link.
  • While it is a hardcore event, which means that your character is eliminated when it dies, we've made sure that dead characters will still receive prizes. There's nothing stopping you from pushing for the highest prize tiers and giving it another shot if you want to try to beat your previous character.

Other Rules:

  • The single highest level character in this league on your account will be considered.
  • Do not enter with multiple accounts - this will disqualify you.
  • GGG Staff members are not eligible for prizes.

Suggested Character Build Guide (Build of the Week Season 2 Episode 4):

This week's Build of the Week video shows an example character build that would work well in this event. If you (or your friends) are struggling to work out what build to play, then give it a shot with this one.

We'll be updating this thread with more information as it becomes available. We'll create a link to purchase the Angelic Mask (with all proceeds going to the Child's Play charity) once the event starts. We really look forward to seeing you there!

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Grinding Gear Games
can't wait for race :)

and first ;p

those prizes look great, thanks ggg
Last edited by DieAbolicaL on May 5, 2014, 2:31:07 AM
You have entered Ghetto.
Awesome! Really looking forward to this. Great to see the charity work going on as well :)
Lastly i dont have so much time like i used to back in the days, but it looks like once again you managed to pull me back to POE! ;)
Also great work with charity! ;)
Last edited by Szuger on May 5, 2014, 2:43:39 AM
love the prizes!

IGN: knowfear
really looking forward to this race hope this event will raise a lot of money for childs play
Last edited by crimsion on May 5, 2014, 2:30:51 AM
Brilliant. I'm stoked!

Prizes: A+
Charity: A+++
GGG: Beyond grading scale.

First page dream is real :D
Last edited by vivaspain on May 5, 2014, 2:44:22 AM
Have to give GGG a lot of credit for this idea. It is especially nice to see all the profit from Angelic Mask MTX go straight to charity, kudos!
Last edited by MIIKKAAA on May 5, 2014, 2:33:27 AM
Amazing news!

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