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nice to see so many ppl helping u with this i wish i could help but i am old and have no idea how all this sort of thing works i will bookmark so i dont lose it
It's never too late to learn!

Basic skill template created.
Some of you might have noticed today that Blizzard added a bunch of items to their Diablo 3 site (check it out to see their take on some old favourites)

Well, this wiki is going to be much better than that, but I need your contributions!
Just a small update.

I've completely revamped the way we're handling foreign languages on the wiki. It's now following a style similar to Wikipedia's, with completely different wiki sites for each language.

So far, these are the wikis you can edit:

I'll be creating a Russian language wiki very soon and am more than willing to create others too, if the community asks for them.

All wikis share a common userbase and a common set of images, which should make everyone's life easier.

Please sign up and start contributing!
great idea, cant wait to see it grow :)
I've always enjoyed community wikis and helping with them. When I can get in I'll be sure to drop by it.
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I have my uni projects due in this friday and then exams next week, however after the 28th, I will be more than happy to contribute as I have nothing but farm work till next year, so will have plenty of free time :D.
a small hello to all who read this, and maybe are willing to support the idea behind - help is always welcome.

I'm the (only, at the moment) one who's working on the translations of the actual established content into the german part. I have only small experiences from a former, similar (and gone) project some time ago, and try to keep it simple to get it work with less possible tries.
invited by timer @ 10.12.2011
deutsche Community: &
Good stuff :)

but make sure you read this before adding stuff on the wiki

so you dont get in trouble :)
Nice, thanks for the work.

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