1.1.2b Patch Notes

Please help!

I have downloaded the patch and am very excited to play, but when I try to login, it tells me to restart PoE and download the patch I already have.

Report forum post feature. Nice move. +1 to this (((o(*゚▽゚*)o)))
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Completed 20 ChallengesEzhiel wrote:
Baka_Sensei wrote:
Ignore of counting on tooltip bonus of Conc Effect for Fireball cause of different possibilities, it's like a count(show in tooltip) any Dmg of attack or spell by minimum value cause it doesn't do average or max dmg allways.

It's very hard to decipher what you're trying to say. If you're saying that the fireball tooltip showing non-area damage instead of area damage is the same as another skill showing the lowest possible damage roll on the tooltip, then no, that isn't a valid comparison.

i think what he is trying to say that the tool tips do not show conditional damage, such as how much aoe damage your fireball does, as that is conditional damage (it didnt chain, pierce or fork), or how explosive arrow shows the base charge damage and not the 5 stack damage potential, as that damage is conditional to having all 5 charges stacked up.
Hey...is this thing on?
So apparently the burning arrow was barely changed at all. In other words people can still be one shot by it easily. If that is true, it's hard to believe GGG tested it at all, clearly they didn't the first time.

Also, no changes the vaal spark exile? In a small area he is just as OP as the burning arrow, his damage needs to be nerfed to shit, or was it not obvious enough that vaal spark was already OP for players vs mobs with huge amounts of HP, so a mob using it vs players is a terrible idea?
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WoT_Seanchan wrote:
Completed 26 ChallengesPhaeded wrote:
We prevented Rogue Exiles from casting Vaal skills more times than their number of charges in most cases.

What exactly does "in most cases" mean? What are the exceptions and why?


That's exactly what caught my eye at first glance! I would also like the answer to that question. Given all of the patches since the game's full release it seems we've all learned to ask for specific and detailed info. "In most cases" is entirely too broad of an statement!!!

Obviously we've all gotten yet another "go kick rocks" type of result since obviously there's still Rogue Exiles that are able to spam Vaal skills AT ALL! We just need an answer to the fullest to see how much of a degree this "balance" has changed.

I would like to add another question to the guy above's such as What instances or exceptions would any of us players be able to spam / use Vaal skills without a cooldown / soul charge up being required?

I think the tone of this message is more in line with a "I want to passively aggressively attack GGG's cecisions" mentality than a "I'd like to actually understand why" mentality, but I thought I'd give the benefit of the doubt and respond as if it were the second case.

Here's how you can spam/use Vaal skills without a cooldown/recharging souls for each use...
put main attack skill in 6L chest, as per usual. The put your vaal skill in your 4L helmet. Put an identical vaal skill (with same supports) in your gloves. Put another one in your boots. You still have mobility skills in weapon/shield, and voila, you can use a vaal skill multiple times without a cooldown or getting souls again.

As far as I can tell, most exiles do not use a CwDT + Decoy Totem or Summon skeletons + Spell totem, or CwDT + Molten Shell + Enduring Cry + Immortal call, etc...

Do you think any players would just leave half of their gear empty without any gems in it?
Personally I'd prefer fighting a player with 3-4 vaal skill gems setup and charged than fighting a player with 1 vaal skill gem setup and CwDT + Immortal Call + Inc Duration + Molten Shell and CwDT + Enduring Cry + Spell Totem + Summon Skeletons.

The fact that many of them do not use auras either means more free slots as well compared to most players, which they could again use to store more fully charged vaal skills. If you could live with a 3L vaal skill, you could keep 2 copies in every 4L (6 total) and 1 in every 3L (2 more) for 8 vaal skill usages, as long as you sacrificed all auras and CwDTs.
Completed 20 ChallengesEzhiel wrote:
Completed 24 Challengesstorzi wrote:
Fireball tooltip shows the damage of the initial non-aoe hit, same as for attacks with melee splash, the tooltip there also shows the initial hit damage, not the aoe damage.

Not sure why you're quoting me. I know how fireball (and its tooltip) works. But yes, melee splash does not show area damage in the tooltip. Melee splash doesn't work the same way as fireball though, as it always has an initial single target hit and a separate AoE component. When a fireball explodes, there is no separate "initial hit". It's all area damage dealt to every target involved (including the "first" target).

It needs to hit something before exploding. It deals single target damage to what it hits and this event is tied to a trigger that triggers AoE damage. With a trap it doesn't need to specifically hit something, it just waits for something to be "near" it at which point AoE effect is triggered (There is no single target event taking place for traps).
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It deals single target damage to what it hits and this event is tied to a trigger that triggers AoE damage.

When a fireball explodes it deals area damage to every target inside the explosion. The target that was hit by the projectile that exploded does not take separate "single target" damage.

With a trap it doesn't need to specifically hit something, it just waits for something to be "near" it at which point AoE effect is triggered (There is no single target event taking place for traps).

No. Traps cast the spell just the same as you would. It still needs to hit a target. Something triggers the trap -> the projectile is fired from the trap (and often almost instantly hits the entity that triggered it). It doesn't automatically explode.
Why problem with Freeze Mines and Boxes don't fixed?
I log out from 76+ maps!!!
This BUG is very hurt!
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We have always intended Rogue Exiles to feel like an encounter with a player. We have taken several steps to take them in this direction. Rogue Exile encounters should now feel shorter and more fair, while still providing excitement and danger.

i liek this
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BUG after this patch. I refunded passive skill but didn`t get the skill point, too upset !!!

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