Improving Communication: The Development Manifesto (Please Read First!)

Superpredator wrote:
Improving Communication...

On the main website, the Legion release was June 7. Nowhere did it say that it would be different for console. To avoid frustrating many people on XBox and PS4, you could just add this information with the announcement on the website or put a separate announcement ingame on the consoles.

On the next league, I will be prepared for a delayed launch, but many newcomers will not be and without communicating a delay for the consoles you will frustrate many more players again.

Hi there! At the bottom of the Legion announcement page, Legion is stated to launch on June 7th (PDT) on PC, and June 10 on Xbox One and PlayStation 4. Sorry for any inconvenience!
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Lol yes the small print at the bottom of this announcement. I never saw this. I only saw the huge timer on the main page with a countdown to the release of Legion. So I say again for clarity's sake please make it more apparent that the releases will not coincide with each other. I read in the forum, that many others on console were very frustrated because they also thought the console release was today. So my point is that you still need to improve the communication with your players.

Look good thank you I need it
Hello, longtime player, may i ask if there are plans to update the character speechs they give on entering new areas or beating bosses, i would love to know what they are thinking fighting these gods in part two, as well as hope u can port that to the textboxes since i run on mute alot but im a great reader
So just wanted to ask about this, ive been interested in like what the templar and marauader think of fighting their gods
Why do you censor people that try to tell you why the game is turning to trash?

You love communication so much do you ? allow us to remove other players mtx. there is my communication to you right now. no more mtx shit until the game stops crashing. no removal of dx9, no mandatory shadows no memory leaking multi GB client full of glowing garbage mtx i never wanted to see.

^this +1
That's really cognitive information to know about such a indomitable and concrete stuffs. I stolidly respect that effort and hope to keep the good work as same as always.

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