1.1.1c Patch Notes

MTX hype
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What exactly was the Bladeback bug?
Hyperino to see the top 50 mtx
Ign - Nef_Reave
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Good thing they added that ugly hat microtransaction instead of fixing Elemental Hit.
It's worth noting that +2 maps are a dangerous thing.
They can cause players to get out of their depth -
playing maps that are too hard for the items they currently have. Herp Derp.
I was hoping for some really cool patch notes like...

The gear NoDiosMio has was significantly buffed.

Also, playstyles employed by him were buffed as well.

We felt as a whole NoDiosMio was just not as powerful as he should be, we wanted his in-game character to be more representative of how he is in real life.

Honestly, that is what I was expecting to see and I'm a bit disappointed.
Map drop fix on standard?

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