1.1.1c Patch Notes

MTX hype
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What exactly was the Bladeback bug?
Hyperino to see the top 50 mtx
Ign - Nef_Reave
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Good thing they added that ugly hat microtransaction instead of fixing Elemental Hit.
It's worth noting that +2 maps are a dangerous thing.
They can cause players to get out of their depth -
playing maps that are too hard for the items they currently have. Herp Derp.
I was hoping for some really cool patch notes like...

The gear NoDiosMio has was significantly buffed.

Also, playstyles employed by him were buffed as well.

We felt as a whole NoDiosMio was just not as powerful as he should be, we wanted his in-game character to be more representative of how he is in real life.

Honestly, that is what I was expecting to see and I'm a bit disappointed.
Map drop fix on standard?
hoping to see some changes to invasion bosses. still disappointed GGG. please address these concerns your supporters have. i pay yall to keep making the game better. is mhymoney going to waste here? many players have posted their concerns. we need to start seeing some of these concerns get addressed.

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