1.1.1c Patch Notes

Version 1.1.1c:
  • Added support for Race Season 7.
  • Added the Vaal microtransactions for the first 50 Ambush and 50 Invasion Atziri kills.
  • In cut-throat events, the exit to character screen option is now disabled.
  • Fixed issues with blocked progress in the Breaking Some Eggs quest and The Root of the Problem quest related to deleted quest items. If you had quest items that were recently deleted, then you should be able to finish the relevant quests as though the quest items were still there.
  • Fixed a bug with the Elemental Proliferation support on Doryani's Catalyst.
  • Fixed a bug with the damage dealt by Bladeback Guardian.
  • Fixed several issues with unreachable chests in areas based on The Docks.

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