[Invasion] Sarah the Self-found Solo Summoner

Level 52-53

Decided to use one of my two Regal Orbs on the best magic ring I have, 26% cold plus 72 life and 9% fire damage. Got lucky with 20% chaos resistance added to it, so I now have positive 8% chaos resist.

Made my way through the Slums to the Crematorium without incident, and even found both the sewer entrance and Clarissa without having to search. Was pleasantly surprised to find that the Crematorium spawned without Undying Incinerators throwing fire traps everywhere, which made the trip through fairly painless. Ran into Rancor, who confused me a bit by smoke-mine-ing away into another room...wasn't sure if he was dead or what, but found him again shortly. Minions took him down easily enough, even without resorting to dropping a cage door on his head. Piety, however, was another matter. Turned on Purity of Lightning and still lost half the minions in her opening Lightning Storm salvo, but then I got Temporal Chains on her and resummoned the horde off the corpses of her guards. They even brought her HP all the way to zero before she disappeared, which is always amusing.

Picked up Purity of Elements from Maramoa, so now I can use my Doedre's Damning and Aurseize to get the extra curse and still maintain max resists, although my life dropped to 1680 in the process. Should still be fairly safe at that level, especially if I stick to the plan of being multiple levels higher than the zones I'm in. With another 40% reservation, I run out of mana occasionally, so I'm going to level Clarity a couple more times. More reservation but also more regen, and nothing I have except zombie summoning is particularly expensive, so having a smaller, quicker regenerating pool is useful. I can hit a flask when I need to summon more than one zombie in a row, or better yet, just run away to take my time while resummoning.

Into the Slums Sewers, obtained the bust without seeing the invading boss. Not quite so lucky in the Warehouse Sewers, where Cintiq the Inescapable spawned right next to a discharger boss. The dual curses came in handy to slow the damage output from both while I kept the minion count up. Picked up the bust and the waypoint easily after that.

Walked into the Warehouses and spotted Simi the Nature Touched right around the first corner, so walked right back out and reset the zone. No need to risk that fight with an easy alternative available. No invading bosses spotted in the reset zone. Easy enough trip through the Marketplace despite running into Grath, who seemed a bit confused and didn't even try to summon his skeletons...possibly an AI issue, but I'm not complaining. Picked up the waypoint then dropped down to the sewers, where I found Pewterfang in the stash room. She really wanted to flicker strike to me, did it about 3 times in quick succession, but after I ran a couple of rooms away she settled down to focus on skeletons, and the horde crushed her. Hit 53 just before picking up the bust.

Passive tree update time. The two points from the level and quest allowed me to complete the link along the upper portion, like this. Then I used six respec points to get rid of the nodes by my left starting position, and split them into two groups of three. One group went to pick up Alacrity (the big 30 dex node to the right of Deep Wisdom, needed that to keep up with gem requirements). The other group went to get the first +10% elemental resists node in the shield cluster to the left of Grave Expectations. Used one more respec point to remove the 6% elemental resist node below Grave Consequences and grab the second +10% elemental resists node. I'm now positioned to take Elemental Adaptation next level, then move over to the right side of the tree for Physique and the Written in Blood life cluster, and after that head down to Grave Intentions. I decided to go for the shield elemental resists nodes because I wanted more flexibility on gear choices (mainly to get more life without compromising resists), and since I don't see any way I'll be going shieldless any time soon, it's an efficient use of the passive points. Took immediate advantage of that by removing Aursieze and going back to Vaal's Caress in the gloves slot, which is a gain of 64 life (and some evasion/armor). Here's the latest tree.

Onward to the Battlefront. Found some invading Flame Sentinels, hooray, good spectres. A random rare boss dropped a Perandus Blazeon unique belt, which is interesting not really usable right now due to the lack of +life. Also found a BRGG linked Crimson Raiment that I blew an alchemy orb on, and it's not horrible, but the life mod is a bit less than my current Silken Wrap. Still, worth holding onto for possible future use. Grabbed the waypoint and the spool without seeing any Invasion bosses, then headed to the Solaris Temple.

In Solaris level 1, ran into the guy with the dancing swords again. Saw his name this time, the Shadow of Vengeance. Appears to be melee-only so no challenge for the minions, just had to wait for them to chew through his HP. The wiki says he uses Spectral Throw, but maybe that's at higher levels, or else the minions confused him. Easy pickings, anyway. Both the Infernal and Voltaic Seal uniques were pushovers, too, once double-cursed. No invasion boss in level 2, but sheesh were there a lot of statues, including a "Massive Auric Champion" that took a good long time to kill through sheer massive HP. Found the waypoint, turned in the spool to Diala for a useless rare amulet, and it's about time to think about Docks farming again.
Level 53-54

Docks docks docks docks docks...repeat. Went through the Battlefront (where there were a ton of archer statues for some reason, odd invading group) to the Docks entrance, with a side battle with Pewterfang along the way. Found some invading Flame Sentinels to revive, too, which was nice. Hit 54 after 3 runs and picked up Elemental Adaptation. Interesting happenings:

Coniraya, Shadow of Malice - Spawned right next to a pack of blue voidbearers by the sulfite. He's bad enough by himself with Rain of Arrows and lots of lightning damage, much less with blue fire dogs. No thank you; even running almost immediately away cost me most of my minions.
The Revenant - Double curse took a lot of his punch away, but he still killed half the zombies and a spectre. Revived a voidbearer to replace my fallen sentinel.
Shadow of Vengeance - Saw him try a Spectral Throw this time, but it did him no good.

Went over to Diala to trade in my sulfite and down to the warehouse sewers to open up the sewer passage. Only level 50s in the sewer, so I went on through to grab the Barracks waypoint. No interesting bosses encountered.

Level 54-55

More Docks. XP penalty won't kick in until I hit 57. Got to 55 after 4 runs and took Physique with the skill point, then took a break to go grab the Decanter from the Marketplace. Encounters of note:

Shadow of Vengeance - This guy can keep on spawning all day as far as I'm concerned. Couple of curses and the minions ate him.
Glassmaul - Curse, curse, raging spirit, dead. Easy pickings despite having spawned by the blue pack near the sulfite, primarily because they were skeletons rather than voidbearers. He dropped a six socket ES chest armor, but no useful links; still happy to get the jeweller's orbs.
The Raging Mask (twice) - Lots of fire, not good for zombies, but several minion-suicides-run-away-resummon-repeat cycles killed him off. Annoying to have to find new revives afterward, but that's Invasion bosses for you.
Guardian of the Mound - In the Marketplace, and despite my 7-level advantage the minions couldn't last more than a few seconds against that Vaal Fireball totem. Had to run.

Found a 4-link Armor/ES helm and decided to use it after an alchemy orb. I lose the +1 level on the zombies, but gain about 40 life, 4% armor physical damage reduction, a bit more ES, and the ability to link up Zombies-Minion Life-Minion Damage-Added Fire Damage. Not the ideal setup, but best I can do with the gems I have right now.
Level 55-57

Again, the Docks. Got to 56 early in my 5th run, and 57 after 4 more. That adds up to approximately 3 levels in 14 clearings, not too bad. Stuff that happened:

Coniraya (twice) - Ran away immediately. Don't trust that lightning damage plus big Rain of Arrows AoE.
Bladeback Guardian - Saw his Ice Spears before I saw him, so I knew something big was coming. Cleared out everything else in the area then got close enough to curse him. Once his incinerate nova went off, dropped a skeleton totem right outside the fire range to keep him busy, and busied myself resummoning the horde. Repeated that three times to take him out.
Konu - After my last encounter with the leaping goat, I stayed well back and got ready to run as soon as I saw him cast Molten Shell. Didn't have an issue this time, though. Double curse helped, and I just had to resummon a few zombies to get rid of him.
Jonah Unchained - Found this rogue exile just off the waypoint. Minions didn't have much trouble with him, although I did have to dodge him a couple of times when he charged at me.
The Sunburst Queen - She showed up right outside the waypoint, so I just reset the zone. No need to risk all that fire.
Harbinger of Elements - Amusingly, I never even saw him alive. I was busy cursing a rare and wondering why it was taking so long to kill it. When it finally died, I moved forward a bit and saw a bunch of skeleton guardian corpses, and sure enough one of them was the Harbinger. The rare had lasted as long as he did because half the minions were just off the screen, busy handing the Harbinger his ass.
Sheaq, Maker of Floods - Heard goats and almost turned around and left, but when the minions didn't start dying immediately, inched forward to see what was going on. Sheaq must have been absent the day they handed out the evil AoE powers to the goats, because he wasn't doing anywhere near the damage Konu or Guardian of the Mound can dish out. Didn't even have to resummon a zombie.
Cintiq the Inescapable - She hit me pretty hard with that Ethereal Knives attack a couple of times, but I was able to run away and hit a flask while the minions did damage. Wouldn't want to take her on without a big level advantage.
Corrector Draconides - He showed up right outside the waypoint, so I just reset the zone. No need to risk all that fire.

Went above 2000 life for the first time, and I still have two more nodes to go in the Written in Blood wheel.

Time to (finally) move forward, on to the Barracks. Found the Imperial Gardens entrance before anything else interesting, so I went ahead through there to grab the waypoint. Found that without incident, then back to the Barracks to find the General. Did the usual totem-pull to clear his friends, then the minions ate Gravicius in 6 seconds flat (I counted). Took an Increased AoE support gem from Maramoa and put it to immediate use linked to both Enfeeble and Temporal Chains. Back to the Barracks and onward to the Lunaris Temple level 1; no invading bosses spotted on the way.

Lunaris level 1 was pretty easy except for an encounter with Ch'aska, Maker of Rain. I'm fortunate to have seen her horde of Tentacle Miscreations on the other side of a door before I opened it, so I was able to drop a skeleton totem and move away to draw their initial alpha strike, then recast the totem and drop curses before they reloaded. Also fortunate that the spawn wasn't near any other monsters, so the minion damage wasn't spread out. Even so, she killed off half the minions; very glad for my six level advantage. Walked into level 2 and found the waypoint almost immediately.

Back to the Gardens, had an uneventful trip to the Library entrance, in large part because Lightning Warp got me past one of those annoying pathway barriers. In the Library, I was very happy to see Pewterfang since that meant there wasn't going to be a more dangerous invading boss. Found the waypoint and moved on to the Archives.

Pretty dangerous zone in the Archives, with a bunch of invading ghost pirates. Proceeded even more slowly than usual to avoid mass flicker strike. Found the Shadow of Vengeance and learned why he can be dangerous...given enough time he summons a ton of animated weapons. He spawned with a bunch of pirates, and by the time they were down there were so many weapons that they were wiping the minions almost instantly. Tried a couple of times to go back into that room after resummoning, but it was no good, and they almost killed me the last time. Eventually I had to reset the zone. Second time was much easier; most of the invading monsters were tiny spiders instead of ghost pirates, and the invading boss was Cintiq. She died after two minion wipes and resummons, and Trinian was his usual wussy self. Got the pages and turned them in for a Purity of Fire; not useful now, but dropped it into a slot on weapon switch for possible future use.

Lunaris Temple level 2 again. Killed Kole easily enough, although the minions didn't kill those support dudes he has right away, so there was Temporal Chains everywhere. Didn't affect the outcome, though. Found Wiraq the Impaler a few rooms over, who must have been confused somehow, because he spent most of the fight running around and only attacked a few times. Made him easy pickings.

Found Lunaris level 3 and went through about half of it. Tentacle Miscreations must have been an invading group as well as normal spawns, because groups of them were everywhere. I was half tempted to give up on the run already, so when I got a PM about a trade while in the jail cell area, I decided to bag the run. It'll still be there later, and I can use the additional XP from clearing a new instance to get to level 58, which is pretty close.
Level 57-58

Time to visit Piety. Found my first Cartographer's Chisel, hopefully a sign of good things to come. Got level 58 on my way through level 1, and polished off Kole and Wiraq again. Wiraq figured out how to attack this time, but being a melee boss without crazy AoE, he didn't last long. Didn't see an invading boss in level 2. Piety was a fairly easy fight, although she did teleport around a lot, confusing the minions and dragging things out. She dropped all useless white and blue items, sadly.

Used my points to finish off the Written in Blood cluster and head down toward Grave Intentions. Current passive tree looks like this. Life is at 2210 now, and elemental resists are capped at 77% each. Only 306 ES, 16% evasion, and 9% armor physical reduction due to my limited gear options, but those stats aren't a priority since I do my best not to be in a position to be hit at all.

Level 58-59

I suppose I might as well do the Hedge Maze next, much as I dislike that zone. Right at the 6-level full-XP range for it now. Found an interesting tactical situation in the gardens just off the waypoint; one of those path-blockage barriers with a bunch of blues and a couple of rares visible just beyond it. Felt no need to risk my personal self, so I just cursed/summoned skeleton totem/summoned spirits across the barrier, raised zombies and spectres once corpses were available, and generally just let everything die before I Lightning Warped across.

Found the maze almost immediately, nice to not have to wander across the entire gardens looking for it. Took a very slow trip through the maze. Ambushed by many devourers but fortunately not the Conqueror Worm. Ossecati, Boneshaper made an appearance and killed several zombies with that big melee attack of his, but it was fairly easy to hide around a corner and throw minions at him until he died. Found the plum after only half a dozen or so wrong turns. Found an interesting belt with +83 life on it, but no resists, and I can't afford that just yet. Visited the Docks one last time to give Fairgraves his fruit, and got an Onyx Amulet from him that has 14% to all resists, but no life. Will hang on to that belt and amulet in the stash, in case they become useful later.

Back to the Gardens and into the Sceptre of God to find the waypoint. So many fireblasts, so many burnt zombies. Ran into Caliga on the second level in a spot where I could hide around a corner and throw spirits at her. Got her to about half life that way before she wandered off to a place the spirits couldn't reach, then portaled away back to the gardens to get another set of zombies. Repeat, took her down. Continued up the tower and found a room where something was dropping a rain of thorns - might have been Thornrunner, didn't get close enough to find out. Was able to get to the waypoint without going in there.

Found out during the Caliga fight that if I turn off Purity of Elements and replace it with Purity of Lightning, my elemental resists are 76/77/79. Lets me use that +83 life belt, too, without affecting resists. Think I'll run that as my primary setup, until I get to Merciless and need to go back to the all-resists aura.

Off to the Catacombs to work on level 59. Not a great place to farm, but it's a whole lot safer than going into the Sceptre of God, which I'd rather not do any more than absolutely necessary. It's a level 53 zone so I should be able to get a couple of levels there before returning to take on the Upper Sceptre. Found Glassmaul on my first trip, spawned right next to a rare necromancer with the allies-cannot-die aura, which was an interesting fight. Had to run around a bit to get the minions to kill the rare first, then finishing off Glassmaul was easy.

Found a level 54 "Anarchic Entombed Chamber" corrupted zone - two extra rogue exiles, and the boss is Ossecati. Figured it would be worth a try, as I'm not likely to see any zone better set up for a summoner to clear. First exile, Eoin Greyfur, no contest. Then found and killed some projectile Vaal Constructs which made for a nice upgrade of spectres. The second exile was Damoi Tui, unfortunately spawned in the same room as Ossecati and a rare construct. He moved faster than they did, though, so I was able to get him to follow me back to a prior room where the minions made short work of him. Then into the boss room, where I let the zombies play with Ossecati while I threw spirits at the rare. Got some interesting drops: a rare amulet (sadly the mods sucked), a Mana Leech (sadly useless on this character but it'll go to the guild stash), and a Meginord's Girdle (tempting for the 10% max life, but I can do better with the high +life belt). And a Sacrifice at Dawn, haha. I'll put that in the stash in case I get all the way to level 90.

Level 59 obtained during the next Catacombs run. Discovered Corpsestitch waiting for me near the blue pack in the end area of the zone. He was not prepared to face another necromancer; once the minions cleared out the distracting blue pack, they made short work of him.

Sheaq, Maker of Floods - Heard goats and almost turned around and left, but when the minions didn't start dying immediately, inched forward to see what was going on. Sheaq must have been absent the day they handed out the evil AoE powers to the goats


You're good at both playing and writing, keep it up !!
...and stay dead!
Go Sarah! Good fun.
Level 1-61 : ~10 hours + 3 coffee's & a little bit of porn

done & done
great thread reminds me of the single player d2 progress threads


little long to read maybe a little screen shot after u kill a boss or get a nice drop!

keep up the good work!!
Level 59-60

More Catacombs. Got to level 60 in 7 runs. Encounters of note:

Thornrunner (twice) - First time, I found him at the beginning of a run, so ran away and reset the zone rather than risk a battle. Second time he showed up after I was already engaged with the pack of blues at the end of the zone. That wiped out the minions, but I saw his life was down by about 1/3, so I resummoned from an earlier room and came back to finish him off. Wasn't too bad once he was cursed, although I did hit my staunching flask a couple of times when a stray spike punctured me.
Tailslinger (twice) - This is a much better snake to fight. First time he spawned in the middle of a pack of blues, had to kill them first, but then he was pretty easy. Dropped a Wondertrap unique velvet slippers; useless to this character, into the guild stash they go. Second time he spawned by the blue pack at the end of the zone; just stayed back a ways and threw skeletons and spirits at that whole group until they died.
Wiraq - Change of scenery from the Lunaris Temple didn't make him any more impressive. Smacked down in short order.
Shadow of Vengeance - Saw him summoning animated weapons like crazy in the next room before I walked in, and decided to just turn around and go elsewhere.

Cleared another Entombed Chamber along the way as well. This one had "many totems" and "players are cursed with enfeeble", neither of which is a major issue to a horde of undead. Hardest part of the zone was the very first room, where an allies-cannot-die totem spawned right next to a freezing shrine. Got some of the monsters to follow me out of the room where they died, then was able to get in and kill the totem and grab the shrine. Ossecati was a total wuss once my horde killed the totems around him. Got another Sacrifice at Dawn, sigh. Was hoping for a Vaal Summon Skeletons.

Not my first level 60 hardcore character, but the first since beta, so the Survivor achievement notification popped up. Always nice to see that. I decided to take Hex Master with the passive skill point since I know it'll be useful against Dominus. I'd love to get Grave Intentions too, but I don't see how I can get three more levels without spending *way* too much time grinding low-XP zones, and I don't have enough points that I'm willing to respec out on the tree at the moment. So we'll have to head up the tower with just the seven zombies. I suppose I could grind out one more level by going through the Upper Sceptre a few times, but that place is nearly as dangerous as the actual Dominus battle (especially with Invasion bosses) and I really would hate to get killed before I even got to fight him.

No Invasion boss spotted on the way up, but I still had to resummon zombies a few times when a bunch of evangelists burnt them to a crisp with all those fireblasts. Got the evangelists as spectres in hopes that proximity shield might let them live a bit longer up top. And then I was there, nothing for it but to go!

Phase One - Spectres were dead already by the time I'd cursed everything and resummoned the skeleton totem. So much for proximity shield, oh well. Zombies bit it too, but not as quickly, and I was able to stabilize with about five of them up, all three bosses cursed, and skeletons keeping them mostly occupied. Focused fire with raging spirits on the danger from fire, then lightning, then cold.

Phase Two - Much easier as now I had more corpses. Cursed the bosses as they came out, and got my full seven zombies back plus revived a couple of random miscreations. These bosses are easy pickings for a undead horde.

Phase Three - Cursed Dominus as he came out, then immediately ran away to the other side of the screen to assess the damage to the horde. Had to resummon a bunch since he'd started out with that lightning spam and wiped out half the zombies. Spent the fight alternately putting up skeleton totem, raising the occasional zombie, and summoning spirits for damage. All in between constantly moving to keep Dominus on the edge of my screen so I could see him, but not be hit by the big attacks. Had one bad moment when he raised two sets of those cold totems right on top of me and then sent in the kamikazes, but the dispel-frozen-and-chilled Jade Flask and my Quicksilver Flask together got me out of there. It took a while to whittle him down, especially since I had to stop attacking and run every time he dropped that kamikaze curse, and his ES would come back up. But in the end, it all worked and he dropped.

Phase Four - Cursed the big goat, then stood at the edge of his circle and buried him under the horde. He was down in about 10 seconds. I may have moved once. This last phase is really easy *if* you have overwhelming single target damage, and there's very little that says overwhelming single target damage like one big goat being bitten by seven zombies, two spectres, ten skeletons, and a stream of raging spirits.

Hooray, another achievement - Dauntless. There was mention of screenshots a few posts back, thought this would be a good time to add a couple. (Links rather than in-line since my screen is too wide to fit nicely.)

The horde wanders around in immediate aftermath of Dominus' defeat.

Kick him while he's down!

Sadly, the only drop worth mentioning was a white 4-linked evasion/ES chest, which I rolled up into something workable with some resists. Swapped back to Purity of Elements for the resistances.

Merciless time! Defenses look like this: 2075 life, 320 ES, 22% evasion rating, 8% armor physical reduction, and 62/77/49/-32 resists. Here is the current passive tree - next stop, Grave Intentions. Went ahead through the Strand before quitting; took Hillock down so fast he never got to draw his sword. Next time, A1M!
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Level 60-61

Went back to the Lunaris Temple in Cruel to find some revives, since there's nothing of interest in early Act 1. A few minutes of searching yielded no Flame Sentinels, so I settled on a couple of Aurate Archer statues. Not anywhere near as good, but the slow effect can be handy and they're a lot better than what is in early Act 1.

No reason to stick around in any of the early zones as I'm overleveled here already, so just went through as quickly as was safe.

Coast - Coniraya, Shadow of Malice was just outside the town gate. I could have reset the zone, but with an 8-level advantage he wasn't all that dangerous. Cursed and minion-ed him to death. Killed Fire Fury too.
Tidal Island - Normally I wait on this and come back later, but I've still got two levels even on this 58 zone, so I just took care of it while I'm here. Hailrake and Tailslinger spawned together, but once cursed and surrounded they presented no danger. Took an Increased Duration support gem from the quest for linking to the Raging Spirits when the opportunity presents itself.
Mud Flats - Killed Spinesnap and Oozeback Bloom while looking for the glyphs. Decided to skip the Fetid Pool for now since those charging bone rhoas are a menace; will come back for it later. Onward to the cave. Tarkleigh gave me a useless helm for the quest, meh.
Lower Submerged Passage - Found the waypoint and the crab's cavern before the way up, so went crab-hunting first and then came back to go forward. Invading boss was The Duchess, who got a major soul eater bonus, but the horde still overwhelmed her.
Flooded Depths - Level 58 in here also, so proceeded slowly, but had no trouble. Didn't see the invading boss and ended the crab quickly.
Upper Submerged Passage - Saw and killed the Brood Princess, but avoided the invading boss. Easy trip to the Ledge.
The Ledge - Finally found something else worth reviving, some invading Gluttonous Gulls. Had to kill Mother of the Swarm along the way, which took a while. Eventually took her down with a lot of running back and forth to make her minions move out of the way so the spirits could get at her. Killed the totem and moved on. Found The Blood Dance unique boots from a random skeleton rare, which is nice for other characters but not much use for this one.
The Climb - Hooray, level 54s, which means no XP penalty for a level 60. Granitecrush made an appearance right inside the zone, so I reset it, but not before he killed off half the horde, including both my vomit bird spectres. Too much chance for a little desync to cause him to roll over to me and discharge before I even see that it happened. Revived a couple of fireball goat shamans in the new zone. Saw a rain of spikes right after I went past the waypoint, so turned around and reset again rather than risk whichever invading boss was doing that. Got Mother of the Swarm this time, and she spawned with only one other group nearby, so that was easy enough. Got past Ironpoint without too much minion death; he's not bad once double-cursed.
Lower Prison - Found waypoint and the stairs without seeing an invading boss, or Chatters, or indeed anything much at all.
Upper Prison - Much less fortunate with my navigation this time, roamed large portions of the zone before finding the way up. Ran across Wiraqucha, Ancient Guardian in the process; ran away immediately. Really not a fan of invisible (due to the blind effect) giant snakes running around. Found my first Gemcutter's Prism along the way; not sure yet what I'm going to do with it. Brutus lasted seven seconds from first contact to man down. Dropped nothing of interest, and the quest rewards sucked too. Took a Decoy Totem for the guild stash.
Prisoner's Gate - Long annoying zone. Missed the invasion boss, but killed off the Burning Menace along the way. Made level 61 along the way.
Ship Graveyard - Grabbed the waypoint and then headed straight for the exit; I'll come back for the cave later. Found the way out fairly quickly, no nasty bosses spotted.
The Coves - Yay, more vomit birds to revive. Uneventful trip until the very last bit when Droolscar came at me with all his ghost pirate buddies. Just ran past him since I could see the exit, no need to risk getting corpse-exploded to death. Picked up a Faster Casting from Nessa for the quest reward.

Rerolled the slots on my shield to get BBR linked, and filled them with Summon Raging Spirit-Increased Duration-Faster Casting. Mana cost is still low enough to cast spirits endlessly, and constant casting will keep 7 of them out now, and that count will go up as the support gems level. Also, I've been running out of mana a bit more than I like, so levelled Clarity a couple of more times. I'm going to need to do something about mana soon as I'm now down to only 247 unreserved, and while the spirits don't cause a dent, the curses/totem/zombies certainly do.

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