~|-|~Fiery totems~|-|~ dual Flame totem guide with EB/MoM/ AA (added 67-68 map videos)


My Waste Pool level 72 map run. Very efficient with flame totems, and I think anyone serious about this build should level a 2nd Flame Totem gem. I'm trying to get the 30% health bonus for my totems.
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Hello all,

I am upping this post cause it is a shame than no more people give him some love :p

I am leveling with this build actualy in Ambush league and everything is ok.

I die sometimes but more due to £¨%µ/ !!! strongboxes with massive explosions or when i do something else than concentrating ;).

I am actualy lvl 55 and near to finish cruel.

My stuff (only Mfing actualy):


But i am thinking like another guy in this thread. This build is really good but we loose MASSIVE skills points to go for EB/IR/MoM.

So i was thinking about going CI with this build. We will finish with more ES ( much more than life) and with more aura to increase dps of totems (haste for exemple is a good addition).

The build in question:


What do you think about it ?

Last point, i changed gems for Flame totem, adding a nice one: chance to ignite. Coupled with three dragons, everything is shocked.
AnaVite wrote:
I just tested out Three dragons helmet with low life + crit flame totem and the damage is just insane. Pretty much shock and freeze every single mob. So far, map bosses I've encounter have died so fast I couldn't see if they were shocked or not. Piety was near dead before she even started to move. Pretty good item for a huge DPS boost if you can afford losing the ES stats from a helmet.

I read a couple of references to "low life" in this thread. Does that refer to something specific or simply taking crit nodes over life nodes? Are you talking about using the blood magic gem to reserve yourself into a state of low life? If so can you clarify the reason for this?

I'm looking to go this Three Dragons route soon too and just wanted some clarification.

Also, since we would now be replacing the Added Chaos damage gem with the 20q Lightning damage gem, would it be better to pick up the +fire damage nodes over the totem damage nodes? Since now fire damage will be integral in shock stacking and no chaos addition for the totem damage nodes to take advantage of.

(I hope people still check this thread out :))

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Hello everyone! After my friend ripped my Permafreeze Witch by misclicking a box in the 2-week charity league recently, I wanted to try a totem build for the kids. My friend used this build as inspiration at some point and recommended it to me so I gave it a whirl.

I'm currently level ~40 after having been transferred to Invasion and it's shaping up nicely. I am very impressed with the amount of damage Flame Totem is putting out at this low level. I was nervous about Ancestral Bond, but was converted when I saw how tanky my little brotem was, so I gave him a brotem of his own :D

EB + MoM + AA + 3 Auras is one of the strongest setups in the game imo, nice call on that. It's a testament to your build that it can spend the nodes to take them and not be compromised. I will definitely be running this build or something close to it in the new Hardcore league.
LVL 54 so far .. so good .. im enjoying this build very much, have a lot of fun playing it .. bosses going donw in matter of seconds .. and clearing time is also fast.. thumbs up and tnx for sharind

edit. lvl 70 and already doing maps like crazy .. downed dominus when i was lvl 66-67.. once again GG for this build
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can anyone send me build for crit flame totems with three dragons.. if so.. plz send it as pm
Can some of you who have used this guide as I have please post some gear choices, tree choices ETC.

I have made it to Merciless act3 but have done so without EB, clarity and the CWDT stuff!!!

I really want to continue with this build but I am thinking I really need to get that CWDT stuff rolling. in looking through this thread some people use cwdt w/imm call and end cry....others use molten shell end cry. Whats the best combination???

Any other thoughts and suggestions for this build welcomed.

EDIT: I have accomplished the cwdt/end cry/molten shell/imm call and I reached EB which made it all possible...would still love to hear others thoughts on this awesome and fun build
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