SF Fan Meetup, Atziri Competition Progress and Fan-made Sculpture

Haha, extra credit to Brooks for the wireman. Vaal Axe, nothing less than top DPS!
Hi Gang,

This is Brooks, the Leap Slam sculptor, I just wanted to thank Chris and all of YOU for your generous acknowledgements and compliments.

I don't think of myself as "an artist", but you all sure have made me feel like one!

Best to you all,

Madcow1120 wrote:
Caladaris wrote:
If until now no pro gamer and streamer even managed to kill Atziri yet, then that means that most people (incl me) will never be able to kill her.
So this new feature is somewhat useless for 90% of players, but that's just my opinion.

It's only been a couple days....
So sad the Internet has no patience.

Most streamers (if not all) are likely starting over in invasion/ambush anyhow. Got to gear up.

True, all gamers are starting from nothing in the new leagues... but when one considers that...

(a) ...the upper tier (roughly top twenty to forty) players were level 50 a mere six hours after the patch went live...

(b) ...those same players were around level 70 and were entering the Merciless Eternal Laboratory (read: unlocking map content) roughly fifteen hours after the patch went live, and...

(c) ...the patch went live five days ago...

...I don't feel it's unreasonable to have expected that more than one person would've killed Atziri by now.
GGG come to the east coast!!!
Don't forget to drink your milk 👌
YE YE "powerfull uniques" MIMIMIMI dont tempt me im just gonna die if i try!!!
i wish i could be there so many good ideas running in my head :(
awaiting till my time
Not all of us live in San Francisco GGG!! Show the east coast some love!
Waiting in Westfield Mall until 3:30 right now :D

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