1.1.0 Patch Notes - Sacrifice of the Vaal

Finally!!! Amazing news! love the nerfs! love the whinings!

Cheers GGG
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Pie_Guy wrote:
I actually love them getting rid of IIQ and all that mess on the ground.

But - that means drop rarity will also slightly improve..........right?

This is GGG. They're probably stealth-nerfing the drop rarity rates as we speak.
Completed 14 Challengescasval776 wrote:
Completed 5 ChallengesSneakypaw wrote:
OP build = 150% Effectiveness
Normal build =100% Effectiveness

Buffing normal build to 150% Effectiveness

To prevent power creep, Effectiveness gets scaled down to 100% across the board.

This is the same as:

OP build = 150% Effectiveness
Normal build = 100% Effectiveness

Nerfing OP build to 100% Effectiveness

Reading comprehension of a pre-schooler - check.

There's a good way to nerf something and a bad way. For example, Spark was fine the way it was. It was the interaction with a few uniques and passive keystones that made Spark grotesquely overpowered. Logical solution? nerf the interactions. GGG Solution? NERF EVERYTHING.

Crit builds weren't such a bad idea considering the heavy investment and heavy trade-off, especially considering where Vaal Pact was moved. Logical solution? Nerf crit mechanics. GGG Solution? NERF VAAL PACT.

You're putting a band-aid on a gunshot wound and hoping it'll go away. Nice backwards ass approach around your solutions. Are you sure you're not Chris' alt account?

No, he is a guy that barely play the game, lvl 50 highest char, like seriously.

But then again most fanboys are people with many shiny suporter titles and low game knowledge and experience.
Completed 25 ChallengesKavlor wrote:
It's not all about end game you know.I personally will be corrupting all sorts of things especially the useful but cheap uniques,if they're as common as chaos orbs why not(thats if they still are).

Why can't it be both?

Without the eternal option it's just for what you described it, and as a strange chance orb hoping for a full 8 stat re-roll, with eternal option you could do both. Especially if they are common as chaos.
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feyith wrote:
My build wasn't affected but I never understood the whole "nerf the fun/popular builds" mentality.

Why not figure out ways to make the rest more appealing instead?

neither i , this is not league of legends ...but an arpg jeez
I'm really confused about the reasoning behind nerfing totems even more. Totems are already weak as they are. If you want to make half assed damage with them you already have to sacrifice ALL your survivability, making you suffer a lot of accidental deaths. And their damage is so low that the mobs kill them before they can kill the mobs. Totem is currently one of the only builds that you have to get ALL the nodes from the tree to make it at least usable on merciless. maps are already almost imposssible as you will get randomly one shotted or your totems will barely scratch the enemies. Deploying totems is slow as hell and playing them in parties is almost impossible because the other players will just run facerolling shit before you can even summon two totems. Why do you nerf a build that actually requires at least some planning? Please remember that in this game you actually have to play WITHOUT OP items, or your build defining items, and farming high level maps with totems is almost impossible, and playing totems on hardcore is completely out of question.
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Chris wrote:
Version 1.1.0: Sacrifice of the Vaal

  • Fixed bugs with font keming.


That was so deliberate, that it bums my eyes. :P
Is it tomorrow yet?
GGG give us new skill tree calculator. I wait impatiently wih my finger on a nuclear button.
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all those legacy items.....sucks...
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