Eight New Quivers in Challenge Leagues

Exciting indeed!

Looks like y'all have been working hard. (Not that I doubted y'all we're)

First! (Of forth)
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Nice! Finally!
whats their ilvl?
Sounds good :)
They look pretty nice too!
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Need dex quiver for marauder/witch/templar. I have a feeling it will be pain in the ass to get dex for these classes early in the game.

Perhaps the devs want to push those characters to use dex necklaces or rings or misc gear with dex.

so this is going to be expensive in the near future?
Man this game is growing in terms of gameplay so fast! So many choices.
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only 1 weapon use quivers though-bows, so ain't think the quivers need so much love,feels like spit into face for players which do not use bows,whats left for them out of new leagues then?
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I don't understand.
What's the point of having 2 'add physical damage' ?
Everybody will use the 6-12 broadhead

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