Sacrifice of the Vaal: Teaser Screenshot #1

I Demand that there be Pants for the Expansion

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Is the corrupted tag releated to the white socket? Maybe you can't change the socket colours at all if an item has a white socket. Would fir in GGG's "balance" philosophy.

I actualy only wait for improved performance, reduced desync and better game experience for the upcoming addon. GGG should focus on these things first, it would help mch more than the other stuff.
its not verified, troll?

I'm so happy I kept these around. I'm really excited for SotV, great work, GGG!
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All of news will be available in standard league? Or i will have to start in new league?


Also it will be nice to see how whites will be work with these blades. BLENDERRRRRRR
i remember someone posting white socket items as vendor recipe on reddit
was that actually an early idea or just fake ?
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Cleave buff confirmed.

I thought the same thing when I saw that screenshot. Elemental Cleave is coming back.
Looking good. Well done. Look forward to it ^^
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Sigh.. Just when I thought up a new build using prismatic eclipse an update like this comes and rockets the prices to the skies.

I kinda doubt it's possible to have 3 white slots on that sword since that would give you 6 to the max melee range not to mention if you are dual wielding two of them. If you actually can have full set of white sockets, I sense a nerf coming to the sword a tad later.

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