1.0.6 Patch Notes and Flying Monsters

I forgot to mention something in the patch notes! The Summon Raging Spirit and Animate Weapon skills create a new type of entity: flying monsters! Our skill coders describe flying monsters as:


1.0.6 introduces flying monsters to PoE. Flying monsters interact with terrain like projectiles, meaning they can fly over gaps and small blockages that ground-based enemies would need to path around. Flying monsters will not block the pathing of non-flying ones - they can walk under the fliers. Flying monsters are also immune to the effects of Burning ground, Chilled Ground, Shocked Ground and Tar. "Cloud" effects placed on the ground, such as Consecrated/Desecrated Ground and Poison Clouds will still affect flying monsters.

The minions summoned by the new Summon Raging Spirit skill and the Animate Weapon skill are flying monsters.

Needless to say, this will be used in the future on enemies also.
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Flying monsters FTW, time to make a summoner
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And cool. I expect this'll be used for that Beholder monster?
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Plans for any other monsters in the game to be made into fliers? Introduction of the diablo staple of bats and crows to fight? I can tell the new monster teased yesterday will be a flier, but it'll be the only enemy one around...
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RIP Groundslam builds.
Hopefully fliers follow the rules of birdlaw.
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Blue pixie pet for a warrior as healing :D

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