1.0.5b Patch Notes

I just planned grab Volatile Mines and use Smoke mine on cast on damage taken, does this patch notes means that my plan will not work?
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does this mean after your able to do updates to servers without stopping people, be able to fix that horrible dysync? I wont try hardcore until that is fixed. I'm a programmer and I love this game to death. I NEVER had any problems with any characters until I started the Marauder with cyclone and multi-strike with knives... that made the game go crazy bad with speeding up and then all the sudden im dead... PLEASE fix this issue. I like this game way too much to just not play anymore.

Was the summoning exploit fixed after the players hit 100 intentional?
Fixed an issue where portals were not closed when logging out of a character via the character selection screen.

This made leveling alts suck.
im a summoner lvl 85 i never used cod or remote mine and i play just fine any mod on any map. Mods map and map boss affect my clear speed. Only complain is that is too boring. unlike any other build in the game summoner that SUMMONS has no mods on gear except for few uniqs, so all the fun in finding new gear for your toon is almost nonexistent for summoner. in other games like Hellgate Global i played also summoner and i know for sure that can be a top build, all it needs are mods on gear like minions do more damage%, have more hp so we can enjoy in gear farming like any other toon. last requests are big ones but perhaps till patch 1.2.0 is done are:
1) the lvl of specter let it be same as lvl of caster and atrib scaled to that lvl
2) (lol idealy) specific gems like "specter tentacle" or " specter . random creature"
that needs just a corp to work like a zombie and a white raised specter( the one now in game) if you want to go to a map and raise a certain mob lets a yellow one for the extra power

the specific mob "raise specter- mob" will help a lot summoner and save lots of time that again none of the other class are loosing.

the minion mod of normal gear should have been an add since the beta release but dont know really why it take so long to make this class equal in rights as the others. having just a few items like midningh bargain and the rest i think reduce very much of the fun of the build.
NOOOO, now my BM spectres will only kill merc piety in 5 seconds instead of 2!!!!!!1111
Wow, great community here. /sarcasm Time to uninstall and take a break from the game. Very doubtful 1.06 will make good summoner changes, but I'll reinstall and take another look then. Looking forward to RoS.
same out from this dysing crap game to ROS!
NOOOO, now my BM spectres will only kill merc piety in 5 seconds instead of 2!!!!!!1111

Tell me your setup... My Luna 2 spectres took at least 7-8 seconds for piety instead of 2.. I am too nerfed.
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Absolutely *hate* the portal "fix". Guess it's time to make a portal bot account now.. pfff

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