I agree with most people here that this gem is very bad. It makes me sad because it really just seems to be lazy design in the sense that, "Man, we need to complete this cycle of gems with crazy level up requirements!" Empower actually made a lot of sense because the power level is actually quite high with + level to gems, however I just don't see any use for this gem in its current iteration.

That's not to say that a gem which gives increased experience gain has no place, because such an effect is certainly something that many people would welcome, at least in a useable state. But in order for a gem to be so, it needs to be accessible, which this gem simply is not. Anybody who spends enough time to level up this gem probably doesn't really care about the effect.

Why? There are two main reasons for wanting to level up active skill gems. The first is to actually use the gem. The second is to sell the gem to somebody else for a profit. Now, anybody who has spent the time to level up an enlighten gem will almost certainly at that point have all of the active skill gems they need mostly leveled up. And even if they haven't, a 5% boost will hardly matter at that point. There could be corner cases where somebody wants to place this in an offhand with a +gem levels, but I imagine the people that would do this over just level a second gem is almost none. With that said, most people who would want this effect would just want to sell a high level gem. If this is the case, then it's more economical instead of an active gem + enlighten to simply level up two gems.

An exp boosting gem just does not make sense for a gem gated by a ridiculous EXP requirement. With that in mind, my suggestion to improve the useability of this gem is to change the effect. Unfortunately I can't think of much which would be worth it on this type of gem at the moment.
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I like the idea of a gem that lowers barriers to the use of other gems. What if enlighten reduced the attribute AND experience requirements of gems? I could see that getting use.

I see this was brought up in the thread previously, any objections?
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Some-what better with quality but still would be nice if it worked on supports too.
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Lemme tell you something. :)

Currently, if you want to level your gems, buy 2 perandus Signets, and grind Riverways.

2 Perandus Rings will give you 6% bonus XP on ALL gems you have equipped. Not just on specific linked.

Then again, you gain 40 to 50 wisdom scrolls per back-n-forth run (2 Riverway runs). Nowadays on Invasion you can easily sell 150 wisdoms for 1c.

Also xp gain on gems is crazy here because of huge mob packs. Map farming for gem xp is like Snail compared to Riverways area.

I already got 20 lvl gems on Invasion, and now i level second wave of gems.

I call it Chill-Farming. After i am tired with maps and or frustrato dissapointed with no map drops (70-73), i go on chill farm on Riverways.

Riverways is area just down from Forest Encampment.

I considered Enlighten, but 6% on level 2 only? Are you kidding me? It needs to be like 20% lvl2, 40% lvl3, and 60% at level 4, in order to be viable.
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got to say I dont understand the value of this gem if you cant use it to help level things like empower and when lvling gems in general its better to have 6 sockets available for any gems rather then a 6 link +1 gem lvl with this gem maxed out. surely this gem should once maxed be a better way to gain lvl 20 gems then without using it so with that in mind it needs to be possible to get to atleast +25% gain and id have said thats without a getting a lvl 4 version. also why would this not help with support gems? who has 6 active skill gems lvling in there off slot?
Just because I couldn't find a straight answer to how enlighten worked in offhand, I figured I would include one here:

It does. In addition, if you have it in an item with +1 to item levels in offhand, it gets that bonus too.

My level 2 enlighten was in offhand with +1 to gem levels and linked to vaal ice nova, and that gem gained 8667 experience from a monster pack.
My helmet contained a discipline, and gained 7740 experience from same pack.
7740(1.12)=8668, so up to rounding, the enlighten DID work, and was effective as a level 3 gem (+12% experience). While I agree it's not the most useful gem ever, 10% faster gem leveling is not insignificant....

Good luck all!

(Edit: And just to clarify, when I say offhand I mean other weapon set)
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In theory I could use enlighting in a magic(+1 gem level) 6-link staff in order to level 5 arcs to 20/20 to corrupt them to 21/20, but

Why wouldnt I use 6 Arcs in the first place?

As far as I remember 5*1,18 < 6

This gem is 100% useless. Ok maybe 98% if you are fixated on levelspeed.


I considered Enlighten, but 6% on level 2 only? Are you kidding me? It needs to be like 20% lvl2, 40% lvl3, and 60% at level 4, in order to be viable.


Ty for the hint with the riverway farming. I was looking for agem level method, but imo speedrunning 66 maps for 1 mio xp/run is also good but I will try out riverways.
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Yap i did Riverways. I leveled 2 waves of gems up to 20lvl in 2 months in Invasion.

I was thinking about Lunaris temple (Piety runs), but i doubt it is faster. But the lunaris may be good just because i can gather some rare Gloves, Helms etc to complete identified chaos recipes by the way.

Also as i said, 2 x Perandus signets will give you 6% XP on ALL gems you have equipped.

Chitus Apex can give you additional 5% XP, i considered using it.

So Enlighten is retardedly poorly designed compared to these tactics.
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Two crappy parts on this gem,

Firstly, it only support Active gem, not support gem. The reason is unknown, to limit the benefit of this Enlighten gem which to is sucks to begin with.

Secondly, the boosting amount is so low that GGG perhaps suggesting people to dead grinding their gem level by occupying an item socket for it. I would throw away this gem considering their are so many good support-damage gem, which Faster Clear Speed = More EXP. Why would I replace my damage support gem and lowering my DPS just to gain extra stingy exp?

Dump this Enlighten gem.
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Can you please explain what you mean by " active " in this gems case. Thanks
If I have it on a off hand six link weapon will it boost the experience on all those gems linked to it even though Im using my cosair for all game play so to speak.
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