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At lvl 2 its only 5%, I assume its 10% at level 3. 10% extra for the huge time seek to even level it to begin with seems... tedious.

I assume that at level 4 it would be 15%. Thats not to bad I guess, requires a specific type of weapon in your offhand to make it close to effective.

However, it does have its limits.

If you do it on 2 +1 one handers, that takes up 2 out of 6 slots for leveling. If you use it on a random 5linked weapon its basically the same, 1 out of 5 slots used.

Using a 6linked two-hander just to level seems... incredibly wasteful unless its a horrific base.

I'm unsure how much 5-15% extra experience will matter for gem leveling speed. The only levels that I'd personally care to even bother with the gem are coupled with gems level 16+. Enlighten is INEFFECTIVE to use while leveling because your gems are limited to YOUR level, them reaching to their next level faster doesn't mater if you can't level them up anyway.

I'm also a bit unsatisfied that it doesn't work with other support gems, extremely unsatisfied actually, but w/e.

well... regardless of how "strong" the exp boost may be, enlighten is definitely useful for gaining 20/20 gems noticeably faster.
shame its for "primary" gems only.
Noticeable faster, most hilarious thing I've heard in ages. 10% is absolutely nothing when you consider that this gem needs to be first leveled to the equivalent of about 19.5 gem levels for it to give 10% and even then 10% is such a tiny amount.
Probably the first outright useless support gem GGG has added. Does not advance the game in any meaningful way. Relieves a grind which itself is by definition arbitrary, and does so very slightly.

Empower is great, in many cases a build cornerstone. Enhance is being smart just for the sake of it (with the leveling structure) but still has its heart in the right place and can lead to interesting interactions. With Enlighten there's no indication that it's been designed for actual gameplay.
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This reduces the grind by 10% for active gems only? Sounds like something that is only good for the offhand weapon--the one where you throw all your gems you're leveling. The experience requirement makes it of questionable/no use to the shorter leagues, but it could be OK in 4-month leagues.

I can think of one situation where it would actively help me: leveling a second discharge so that I can get working on a 20% discharge, and then leveling that 20% discharge. But, that's a real edge case. If I had planned ahead and used two discharges from the get-go, this wouldn't really have been a very big issue, and I'd almost be there already (I'm at 19.6 with a second 5% discharge now so that I can do the 20% recipe on my other one, and I'm getting along just fine without that extra radius).

Another situation it can help with? Money, but ever so slightly. A good 20/20 gem sells for 2ex or so on standard, and probably more on other leagues. But, I can also just make that in no time with a lucky drop or from selling 10-20 hours worth of alts to a crafter.

All in all, it's something that's possibly good to throw in a 4L+ garbage 2-hand weapon that sits in your offhand if you don't use it. But, I'd really like to see it work on support gems as well, considering they're used so extensively. Not to mention, it's probably easier to just get a high-dollar drop and sell it for 5-50ex and then buy the few 20/20 gems you want, anyway. Outsource that grinding to the other players more willing to do it, you know? It'll go a lot faster than just 10%.
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I fail to see any use for this gem.

- at the start of a new league, your actual core build gems will level to 20 faster than you could use this gem.

- for economic purposes, it's simply not worth using. Even in a 6link with +1 gem levels, the maximum benefit you can get from it is 5x15%, which is 75%, which still means a net experience income loss.

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Games always do this, I don't understand why designers have yet to clue in about math and how it relates to experience gain when you have escalating experience requirements for each level.

I just did a little look at the gem leveling requirements for Grace. Getting it to level 15 requires about 22,600,000 accumulated experience, getting from 15 to 16 requires about 21,000,000 exp. So in order to have it 1 level higher than it would otherwise be at 15 (in other words have it level 16 at the time it would otherwise have been 15) you would need about 100% increase in exp gain.

Every RPG I have ever played has had this same issue, where the designers seem to think that 10% or so experience boost has any real effect at all - it doesn't, and this is because of the escalating exp requirements built into the leveling process.

When all is said and done leveling this gem and then linking it with other gems to level them "faster" is a substantial net time loss.

Make it a normal gem with 20 levels, have it give 2% exp gain boost per its level, so it will normally max out at +40% experience boost and will provide experience boost along the way.
if people still complain, they can just make it an 8% (like the other 3 level supports) so the lv 4 would be 24% increase (might as well say 25%?).
I have a question
if i have enlighten lvl3(10%exp) linked any skill active

that 10% is added to the gem reaching 20%
or multiplies the gem reaching 11%

I hope I explained well, I do not know English

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