How the Open Beta launch will work

Calm down people, they haven't applied the patch yet, they still have to take down the servers and migrate the databases
PoE 2 is actually happening :D
Give them some time :)
there we go
TheAnuhart wrote:
yrogerg89 wrote:
Hey guys, first post! So excited to try this game after watching Kripp play it for so long! I can't seem to download the 1.5 gb patch when i open the PoE client. Do i have to wait till the counter hits zero to DL it?

See you all in game!

That was the initial thought, but Chris updated this OP to say the patch would be available 2 hrs earlier, like when the servers go down, like 8 mins ago :/

I think they are just a bit late for some reason, I'm on a lame bb too so I'm eager, but patient :)

It works for me now, as soon as this website went down for maintenance I opened my client and the patch started downloading. :) I'm getting HYPE!
Servers seem overloaded tho. Speeds bouncing between 50 bytes/s to 500kB/s mostly low 20-30 kB/s. This is gona take a while :)

EDIT: Its getting better. Peaked at 1.5 MB/s for a while. Think it will be done before wipe so all good in my end
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patching OMG!
im downloading it right now!
Guys just take it easy and chill :)

No reason to get stressed over this awesome game.
5.42% ...
About 50% patched.. can barely contain my excitement.

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