1.0.2b Patch Notes

Aaaannnndd GGG is still awesome. Thanks for the good work.
bersi23 wrote:
Nemasname wrote:
bersi23 wrote:

Ok, good to know. But, the term DPS means damage per second. How does the calculation work, if it is possible to calculate with just the first hit or with both hits aswell? Then it is not per second but per... what devs like?
Besides of that, is it different from char to char, how many spins per second the char does? If yes, how do they calculate the DPS and do they do that? I have the feeling, this DPS tooltip is absolutely pointless.

Wat. You gain spins per second based on attack speed, so once in X time, you do a spin, which is 2 attacks, so if you do 100 per attack (Alrdy counting the damage effectiveness) and have 10 APS, then you do 100*2*10, assuming everything hits, you have 100% hit chance and no crit. What's so hard to understand about this tooltip?

Tnx for clear explanation.

Np. Actually, I didn't really use the right words, should have used hits instead of attacks. I at least think it works like that, no reason it shouldn't.
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I was just wondering since my 63 nemesis char died in a damn shameful way. First let me explain how:
I was in act3 merci with 75/75/75 resist -60 chaos 10k armour with grace. spec throw with life leech.
I was going through marketplace to get last "bust" in sewer. I encoutered Thena Moga the chaos *** :( . So i press "esc" and "logout" (since alt f4 sometimes freezes on me). But nothing happened for 3 seconds. As i saw my life go down, I couldnt move or anything cuz i was logging out, I died. I see this as very unfortunate and dont think GGG will have any possibillities to reclaim my char to nemesis or something (and that is only a hope for me that will never happen). I have "peace" with my death. But still my following question:

I dont know if its possible to create an invulnerable period when pressing esc (like a pause button or something) so these delayed logouts wont kill anymore HC chars??

note: when u have DoTs and esc, when u resume Dots will continue etc like everything else ofcourse. Duh :P.

Thanks for thinking with me.

No, it's not an offline single player game. You can't "pause" the game then resume later.

no i know, u missed the point. when u enter an area and dont move u get an invulnarable period. I mean it more like that. when u enter the esc menu i wonder if its possible to get that in there as well. because its internet based u always have lagissues, so for hc that is death right there trying to escape the OP combos there are in merci act3.
The melee splash change really makes unnecessary changes to infernal blow
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Version 1.0.2b
  • Fixed a bug introduced in 1.0.2 where the skill tooltip damage per second stats displayed incorrect values for Dual Strike, Double Strike and Cleave.

so before 1.0.2 I had 20K dps on dual strike, after patch 10K and now 16K with this new bit of patch, it doesn't really help all these changes to understand which value is realistic. Is it just me having that issue ? and its obviously just tooltip since my kill speed has not changed
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how about the most important fix , that u must do and still u didnt have done anything for it...

The game is crashing in huge amount of users with error codes like error code 8 , bad alocation , etc that occurs when u try to enter an area or when u die. we would like to see a fix for this problem as soon as possible. we cant enjoy the game because is crashing evry 30 mins or so ....

and no i dont have problems with graphic card settings or drivers or updates im pretty sure that the problem is server based and not on end user because im not the only 1 has this kind of problem.


You seem pretty unlucky. I can count on one hand the number of times POE has EVER crashed on me, and I've been around since closed beta.

Also, great patch :)
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Very painful to see the further nerfing of Viper Strike without any way to "specialize" in the damage type, be it support gems or talents.

Didn't Chris intimate there may be chaos damage increase nodes forthcoming?


Maybe not the wisest choice to nerf skills that are meant to be fixed by nodes that are not in the game yet.
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nvm. resolved.
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I'm rather confused... How is this a nerf to viper strike? They fixed a bug where it wasn't getting the damage from aoe bonuses using melee splash. That means that it will be doing more damage in that situation and is unaffected outside of melee splash. Isn't an increase in damage a buff/fix? I do agree about the dps tooltip though, this is very confusing in how it is calculated at least to me. Some skills have sky high tooltips, but then skills that have low dps tooltips seem to do the same amount of damage... GGG could you explain where you get those numbers and how to calculate them ourselves? I'd like to be able to theorycraft my damage better. Especially cyclone lol.
Otherwise keep up the good work GGG and community, you all rock for being a part of this game.:)
Viper Strike's (& poison arrow's) base DoT was cut nearly in HALF. That's how it was nerfed
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