1.0.2b Patch Notes

Version 1.0.2b
  • Fixed a bug where Storm Call would not work with trigger support gems.
  • The Righteous Fire aura is now correctly tagged as area damage.
  • Changed the target selection of triggered spells when the trigger cause has died.
  • Fixed a bug where area damage bonuses would not benefit Viper Strike when supported by Melee Splash.
  • The Melee Splash damage penalty is no longer specifically attack damage.
  • Fixed an instance crash related to Headhunter interacting with some Nemesis mods.
  • Fixed a bug introduced in 1.0.2 where the skill tooltip damage per second stats displayed incorrect values for Dual Strike, Double Strike and Cleave.
  • Fixed the skill tooltip damage per second display for Cyclone.
  • Fixed various issues with unreachable areas in Maps.
  • Fixed an issue where the effects of some Nemesis mods would outlast the death of suicide exploding monsters.

Completed 8 ChallengesAux wrote:
Very painful to see the further nerfing of Viper Strike without any way to "specialize" in the damage type, be it support gems or talents.

Didn't Chris intimate there may be chaos damage increase nodes forthcoming?


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