New Forum Policy: No Hateful Posts

My name is Covert, I support this message.
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Completed 12 ChallengesCovert wrote:
My name is Covert, I support this message.

My name is Sewerside, I support Covert, and the message he is supporting. Onwards and upwards GGG, keep those spirits up!
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Completed 12 Challengesadghar wrote:
I love this move.

Freedom of speech has its limits, limits that one generally call defamation, slander, incitement, etc. As a private company, GGG is perfectly within its rights to enforce those limits.

While I totally agree with your post, I think it's always a good time to make sure all the US citizens understand our constitution. Freedom of speech, as guaranteed by the 1st amendment, applies only to laws passed by congress. Private companies are always allowed to censor any and all comments on their servers. Exceptions exist for situations where doing so creates a hostile work environment, or would violate some other law, but just because you have a right to publicly voice your opinions, doesn't mean that any online forum has to post it uncensored, just like you don't have the right to say whatever you feel like when you're inside a store.
You guys have made and continue to make a great game, and I support your decision to cut down on the amount of negative hate crap in the forums. Looking forward to more discussion :)
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There have been lots of hateful posts directed at people who have posted honest criticisms as well. Hopefully this change goes both ways.
Hah! I can still be me :P
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Chris, I support you 100% on this. I think that repeat offenders should be banned.
Glad for this change. Posters sometimes forget that there are people who put in a lot of time trying to make a great experience for us. I'm sure there are decisions that take weeks to sort out and debate before coming to a conclusion. They are not just creators of the game but fans as well. They want to be able to enjoy it as gamers just as we do. When you spend your entire workday trying to create something amazing only to check the forums and have someone stomp all over's got to be crushing.
Thank you so much for making this change. I stopped reading general discussion a few weeks ago because of the sea tide of persistent, vile and hateful troll posts. I hope that the GGG team knows that these cretins do not represent the vast majority of the player base, who appreciate your efforts and openness very much (even if we disagree with certain specific decisions). Very happy with the new policy.

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