Server Problems are Resolved!

Since Release last week there has been massive interest in Path of Exile. The influx of users caused server stability problems that were mostly noticeable during peak times (disconnections and item loss issues with the guild stash). We worked round the clock (literally until 4am this morning) to deploy a series of fixes. After looking at 18 hours of data, we're happy to announce that these server problems appear completely resolved! We've put together some screenshots of our internal monitoring tools to show the huge effect that these fixes had.

This is a graph of our server concurrency for a 10 hour period around peak time before it was fixed. Note that we were struggling to keep 40,000 players connected at the same time. The jagged drops in the graph are thousand of players being disconnected at a time.

This is the graph of our server concurrency for a similar period this morning. The graph is completely smooth and we effortlessly handled over 50k-60k concurrent players.

Please note that these improvements only affect the disconnections that people were experiencing. They don't address other areas like combat sync (which we're still working on). Thanks for your patience with these issues. I am very happy to report this progress and excited to share more good news with you about performance as it happens.
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Grinding Gear Games
Awwwwwwwh yeah!
same name in-game
So smooth!
I would just like to say that being a long time online multiplayer gamer, I think your company has AMAZING communication. IF NOTHING ELSE, you win my loyalty as a customer with just that. Keep up the communication, it means a LOT to the fans and players!
I "second" that :).

Edit: "fourthed" :(
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Depression is merely anger without enthusiasm.
And, as always, I'm very impressed with the speed at which GGG fixes things :P.
El Psy Congroo.
Thanks for all the hard work guys! =]
Very nice! Great job GGG!

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