Cast on Crit

This gives an oppurtunity to use 1 spell with coc linked with a bunch of support gems. On another note. I spent 50 ex on 2 CoC wands. What use are they now?
What are we supposed to do with our CoC gear now? what use are CoC wands now?
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skuller06451 wrote:
COC cooldown way to high, kills the fun completely.

This. Regardless of balance and deeps and stuff it just does not feel cool to play.
Damn, Earthquakers do it faster.

Cast while Channeling kinda does it right. 0.35 cooldown feels borderline OK to not feel chunky. I think 0.3 will be even better.

And it is so easy to balance out by tweaking that little More multiplier...
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Why don't GGG change CoC into "Each supported spell can be triggered only once per attack" instead of implementing a cooldown? If discharge is still a problem, just make "Supported spell can't gain power charge".
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Don't think I've seen this suggested but I was thinking you could make COC a reservation support.

The supported spells will reserve an amount of mana equal to their mana cost multiplied by the COC mana cost multiplier. This reservation becomes its own mana pool from which the mana is provided to cast the spell.

When the trigger condition is met the spell is cast, and the mana cost of the spell is deducted from its pool, it can't trigger again until the pool is filled with enough mana to pay for the spell.

Now you can limit the rate of triggers based on the number & size of that mana pool, the rate it fills (regen/leech) and the mana cost of the supported spell.

This can get complicated:
- Does COC reserve one pool, one pool per COC gem or one pool per supported spell.
- Does the pool have its own regeneration rate, can the player effect it with passives?
- Can you leech into the pool?
- Can you modify the pool size or otherwise support COC with other supports?

In addition to this change you could also alter COC to be more in line with CODT & CWS supports so that it can trigger without needing to support an attack skill directly or maybe requiring it to be slotted into a weapon, though in both cases it still has to be an attack critical hit. This free's up slots without letting it get out of control because the cost you're paying is reserving a big mana pool.

The change above alone would make both COC and COMK a nice addition to any build, allow players to make their own cospri/poets pen/mjolner out of any weapon + COC/COMK but still give designers a lot of variables to tune the power level of the combo.
Nothing recent and decent has been posted regarding Cast on Critical Strike, so I thought I'd throw my two cents here

Let the rate of spells triggered by CoCS (currently limited by a flat cooldown) be instead determined by the Cast Speed of those spells, and affected by ICS from the player.

The current 500ms is tooo slowww. The old 50ms was 2fst4srvrs, or something u_u

Make hybrids great again!

Delete this support gem from the game already.. or maybe bring it back to the old glory days and prevent it from working with poet's pen and cospri's malice.

Every time I see 500 ms it nearly makes me puke.
just rework or revert the changes on this support gem GGG,it's still bad for most of the builds.
Can a GGG employee please make a statement/clarify, how you figured out that CoC needs a buff (3.5 announcements), now?

Or was it just next in the to-do "review" list?

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hi there, is anyone having a prob that CoC gem doesnt give 0.15s cd to Cyclone but Awakened CoC gem does?

This is picture that im using Awk CoC lv1, have 3 frenzy charge + Cat's agility on

And this is with normal CoC gem 20/20

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