[3.0] How to Flicker. Two Handed Weapon Edition!

deadbubble wrote:
What are your thoughts on taking Vaal Pact on this build?

Take it. The new Vaal pact is perfect with Slayer.
What do you think about doing scion version of this build? getting raider/slayer ascendancies and you wouldnt have problems with single target frenzy with 10% chance to gain a frenzy charge when you hit unique or rare. plus you could reach additional frenzy charge in top right side of the tree from ranger starting point
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Is the build in 3.1 and in the new league possible, do you think?
is it just me or the tree for Swords isn't complete! it stops at level 80ish (even the tree for 110)
Hey, just wanted to mention your slayer portion of the ascendancy section is a little out of date. Headsman is 100% resist to reflected physical damage and headsman and bane of legends have had their places swapped back.

Other then that, love this guide, its my go to for flicker! THANKS!
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going to try in 3.5
EmptyJar wrote:
going to try in 3.5

Does it work? Trying to find a good, cheap flicker strike build for 3.5.
Thank you very much for the guide!
I think it's a good choice to start this game with your flicker.

One question is, the character level is 75 and I've pick Impact, Endless Hunger, and the weapon is using NGAMAHU'S FLAME. Would it be better to collect more currency and go to Atziris Disfavor than Kitava's Feast?

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