64k+ DPS Build Spotlight | VarthDaver's CI Arctic Queen Kongor Flicker

64k+ DPS Build Spotlight | VarthDaver's CI Arctic Queen Kongor Flicker

Assume this build is manleague only and not recommend using this in the play-it-safe leagues (aka "Hardcore"). Is it viable? Sure, but I don't want to debate it. Assume its not.

Why post?
Making new builds is one of the things I like most about PoE. I am trying to share what I learned from experimenting, and showcase some of the potential of rarely combined gear / talents.
I am posting this build earlier in the process and will update along the way rather than when I am ready to take it apart. This is not a guide, I would not level with this "build." This is an early stage for build testing. We will see how this goes.

My Recent Builds

Build Features
40 - 75k DPS, 670% Increased Attack Speed, Stun Immune, Freeze Immune, Chaos Immune, Survive Elemental and Physical Reflect

This build uses the power of MORE. My 6L has 5 gems which all scale with MORE. This cannot be underestimated. I debated going low life with shav's and blood rage, but it would be comparing 50-70% attack speed vs Melee Damage On Full Life.

Large hits translate more actual damage than more small ones after armor is taken into account. You only have some many charges, the more damage done per charge the better. 60kdps with this build is like 80-100k with fast cleave.

Use Blood Rageto start base Life Leech and Frenzy Charge generation. Kill some starter mobs or use quill on weapon swap with frenzy to genrate initial charges.
Flicker, pickup the loot. Repeat.
I plan to integrate dual Arctic Armor and perma physical immunity.
I had a build like this in standard that died on flicker.

YouTube Playlist http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLViajCub8sij_EOLHQ3gtANpk5qpnSm8Q
Updated - More MAPS
I just completed these both in the last hour, and I am comming up on finishing the testing phase of this build:

L72 Torture Chambers
43% MORE Rare Monthers
18% Ele Reflect
+2 Projectile
Two Unique Bosses

Map displays how little elemental reflect matters for this build. Some good examples of ele and physical reflect packs on the map (dual ele reflect with map mod). Dual bosses is not actually good for flicker as you need to be able to kill both of them with the same amount of charges.

L71 Temple - Piety - Max Resist
Contains Many Totems
39% More Rare Monsters
27.9 Chaos Damage/second
-15% Max Player Resist

I will put it right here to save you time. I died on Piety. I could have edited it out, but want to show some of what / how I test builds.
This is one of the best things about Anarchy for me.
I went into the map to specifically test damage and survival (I know -max resist is harder, but am limited funs for re-rolling right now).
Overall, I was surprised with how little health Piety must have. While I was still engaging a few side mobs on the kill, she died with me having 4 charges.

My Current Stats
DPS | 60 to 64k dps (Another 10-14k with Haste + Wrath + Anger Group Buffs).
Life | 1 (CI)
ES | 3456
Leech | 17% Physical, 2% Mana
Armor | 4552 (33%)
Resists | 79 / 79 / 79 / 100



The Build

Why Ranger?
Because I can. I like the graphic, and centrally located to Frenzy noes and projectile nodes. Character name is MeiLeiGreenBeret, it begs for melee ranger.

Required Keystones

Vaal Pact - This is required to survive reflect and gives a much more dynamic playstyle. Allows you to ignore the leech cap, and has no drawbacks with CI.
Ghost Reaver - Leech to Energy Sheild instead of Life. Mandatory.
Chaos Innoculation - Chaos Immune. Also gives permanent "Full Life" status.
Unwavering Stance - Stun immunity is a requirement if you want to survive, I cannot stress this enough, wil swap for Chaulua when season is over.
Soul Syphon - Without this ability solo speed is drastically reduced. With the two supporting abilities, there is 25 mana on kill. It adds up really quick.

Curses tend to slow down speed. Solo they are rarely needed, but handy on the first pack.
Vunerability - The physical dmg curse, also gives great dot overaap and stun integration.
Enfeeble - Defensive curse. Almost never used, but available for high damage targets.

Hatred / Purity / Discipline - My normal configuration
Hatred / Purity / Discipline / Grace - End target with Iron Reflexes

Gems / Links
4L | Flicker + Multistrike + Melee Physical + Melee Full Life
5L | Flicker + Multistrike + Melee Physical + Melee Full Life + Added Fire
6L | Flicker + Multistrike + Melee Physical + Melee Full Life + Added Fire + Weapon Elemental Damage

Alternate 6L
6L | Ground Slam + Multistrike + Melee Physical + Melee Full Life + Added Fire + Faster Attacks

Dual Arctic Armor
I am still working on this. Here is the idea:

Q20/L1 Arctic Armor - Used as primary ability, minimal mana consumption and 20%Q gives 7% move speed. I love movespeed.

Q0/L20 Arctic Armot - Used during flicker. Flicker is not moving, so you only need to sustain the base amount and receive the maximum benefit. Currently to L16.

Swap between the two types of armor for your needs, more move or more defenses.

Molten Shell
3L | Molten Shell + Life Leech + Increased Duration
This allows a nice buffer for when you take damage. Instantly refreshed to full life on burst.

4L | Molten Shell + Life Leech + Increased Duration + Endurance Stun??
Not sure if this will work like PCoC or not, but ideally would like to replace Enduring Cry with this ability.

Required Gear | Kongor's Undying Rage - Terror Maul
The main enabler of this build. Onslaught gives attack speed bonus (20% scales to 50% in this build). With no additional damage on crit, you can safely scale damage and leech to avoid reflect deaths with CI and Vaal Pact. Great Item Design. WTB 3D Art!

Recommended Gear
Dream Fragments - Sapphire Ring - Freeze = Dead. Regen also very important.
The Magnate - Studded Belt - Strong scaling, but provides double flask charges. The flask charges allow virtually unlimited flask use while under flicker.
High ES Helm - Need to have high ES
Diedbell - Gilded Sallet - This is like a mini Abyssus with this build. Melee damage scaling is decent, good stats, and the drawback is nuetralized with CI. Also, Koingor negates the Crit part of Abyssus so this provides surprisingly good option with an ES chest.
Quill Rain - Using this on weapon swap with frenzy for charge generation. Still working on getting 4L+

My Current Gear

Death's Oath
I just like this chest. It provides good stats, leech, attack speed, great armor, and stylish. There is some good synergy from the Chaos DOT, but its not big, vulnerability adds to it however.

Do you need this? No. Should it be an ES Chest? Yes!
Do I have a RRRRRG 6L ES Chest? No!

I only have 2 6L to my name in about a year of playing. One is this, the other is the shav's you see in my other builds. I will likey use that until I can affrd a better AR/ES chest once I link the mace. Long term I would like to replace this with an AR/ES Hybrid 6L. If I can 6L the mace, I can swap sooner.


7k ES - Going to need a ES chest to make this work. I have cleared as high as 76 maps so far, this is not needed.

Endurance Charge on Stun / Immortal Call - I aim to integrate this new gem with flicker to allow permanant Immortal Call. Unsure how to do this specifically.

Abyssus - Say what you want, this is the best DPS helm in game for a build like this. Once above goal is met, swap to ES chest and Abyssus, estimated DPS at about 95k.

I have not posted this early before, but want to get some feedback, I know a few other players are working on similar builds. Let me know what your thoughts and ideas are.

Please provide feedback and options for the ideas above. I am not interested changing this into a low life / soultaker / a different build. Been there, done that, not interested.
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That's one crazy build but requires items I'll never get...
Evasion Lolipower
Essence Drain Trickster Build Guide - https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/1635168
You misspelled Softcore :) nice build for funzies tho
wow, 3.5k ES huh..
award for best looking character goes to........
IGN @TiznaraN
TiznaraN wrote:
award for best looking character goes to........
Is there a limit to how many you can put in that contest? I hadn't thought about adding this one too.
crushertoxin wrote:
wow, 3.5k ES huh..

I am not thrilled about thsi as well, but as you can see, I only have ES on gloves, helm, boots, and one ring. I borrowed a 6L AR/ES from a friend, and can easily hit up into the 5-7k realm, just still working on getting one myself. Using what I have first.
If the point of using Kongors Undying Rage is to Gain Onslaught why don't you have any crit nodes? Or am I missing something?
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Jenson wrote:
If the point of using Kongors Undying Rage is to Gain Onslaught why don't you have any crit nodes? Or am I missing something?

For the way I have been playing it, the goal is not necessarily to get onslaught, though its nice to have. Earlier I specced into the 3 points at Pure Brutality, but the return in dps didn't seem significant.

The onslaught buff gives 20% attack speed, which due to max Multistrike and gear, scales to 50% more speed. This sounds really big, but its taking 620% and making it 670% more attack speed. This makes it about 8% more dps, but there are just better returns from scaling the base damage.

Kongor's basically gives you the benefit of not worrying about crit damage multiplier (important for reflect), while providing high base damage and some resists. It functions very similar to using (Marohi + Resolute Tech + Resist Nodes). It does not get the massive stun from it, and sacrifices the increased AOE element. Or basically it saves a few extra talent points.

I like the idea of PCoC and Auxium, but I cannot afford it to test it yet. I am mostly done with the testing phase, and have cleared almost every mod and most maps and bosses. Will try to post a more focused updated soon.
Just a question, why do you not use Flicker + Multistrike + Melee Splash + Melee Physical Damage + Melee Physical Damage on Full Life + Faster Attacks?

Melee splash makes all the mobs get hit many times so you can clear the mobs faster.
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