Well-dressed Exile Competition (submission thread)

We're running a competition over the next two weeks. A fashion competition, of all things. Ever since we introduced Skin Transfer, we've been seeing a lot of players showing off the visual appearance that they've set up for their Exiles. Whether they're going overboard with Infernal Effects or just combining armour pieces in awesome combos, many players are certainly putting a lot of effort into dressing up uniquely.

At noon on Thursday September 26 (NZ time), we'll pick our favourite ten entries from this thread. The community will then have a few days to vote on which ones they like the most. Prizes are as follows:
  • The overall winner will receive an Exalted Pack ($270 value) and will have their submission immortalised in the game as a Rogue Exile.
  • 2nd-5th place winners will receive a Divine Pack ($110 value)
  • 6th-10th place winners will receive 200 microtransaction points ($20 value)

To enter, follow these steps:
  • Dress your Exile up using whatever items, skins, effects, auras and pets you want.
  • Pose your Exile (preferably in town). We don't want "action" shots because this isn't a screenshot competition, so please don't take the screenshots outside of town unless an aura or skill like Righteous Fire or Tempest Shield is critical to your look.
  • Turn resolution, shadows and graphics settings up as high as you can.
  • Zoom in all the way on your Exile.
  • Take screenshots from both the front and back. Feel free to crop them to size if you want.
  • Host the images on imgur.com or a similar image-sharing site and post them in this thread.

Note that although we sell Skin Transfer microtransactions, they're not necessary to participate in this competition. You can just wear items with the appearance you want and then take them off after taking your screenshots. You only need to use Skin Transfers if you want to look awesome while playing.

Please submit your entries in this thread. If you'd like to discuss the competition in general, use this news thread.
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Am I second? :O

IGN: _Jacky
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mmmm, fashion!

putting this thread in bookmarks to look for fashionable guys :D
You have forgotten your place, Karui slaaave!
Badass Berserkr!!!

(lol blood dance footprints, alt art sin trek :P)
... really sucks that thunderfist doesnt have its 3d art... or any glove... what, ur forcing me to go buy a alt art facebreaker?? lols

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can I photoshop pink leopardskin tights on my character?


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